Sex: Men Desire It, and Women Control the Supply

November 20, 2008

“Our brains are identical to the ones that emerged from Africa 100,000 years ago. You take a caveman, shave him, give him a three-piece suit, and put him on Wall Street, and he looks like all the others barbarians on Wall Street. Our brains haven’t changed at all in the last 100,000 years.”

Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist


In order to succeed in any undertaking, it’s crucial to identify obstacles, and to formulate a plan for maneuvering around them. For girls who want meaningful relationships with guys in the age of hooking up, it’s important to consider each obstacle as its own particular challenge. Today we begin to explore the root causes for the development and pervasiveness of the hookup culture, and the resulting power imbalance between the sexes. For the most part, the forces that promote hooking up are not within your control. The only thing that you can control is your own response, your own choices. You can improve your chances of finding a great relationship by taking an active role in defining what you want and being smart about meeting these challenges head on.  

It’s important to remember that you are not powerless. Women hold one very important card:

Women still control the supply of sex. This is true in every culture and throughout time. Men have a strong desire for sex, and women control men’s opportunities to get it.


We begin reclaiming the upper hand in dealing with boys by understanding what has led us to a culture where hooking up is the norm and dating is dead. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that got us here:


Men are biologically programmed to want sex with a variety of women. It’s in their DNA. Their purpose is to inseminate as many women as possible to produce children. When a man is monogamous, he is giving up something he wants.

For women, who give birth, it is important to choose a man who can be counted on to help raise her children. Of course, young women today are not looking at guys and thinking about their parenting skills. All of that is way into the future. But we can’t escape our DNA. Over thousands of generations, a preference for men who showed signs of being willing and able to commit evolved in women. The modern woman can and often does choose to have numerous sex partners before marrying. But it is in her nature to view those men through the lens of relationships.

Traditionally, dating has been the way that men and women found common ground. It gives women a way to test out different men. Because women control the sex supply, men have sought ways to please women through romance. In the hookup culture, guys are receiving the message that girls are satisfied with hooking up, and have no expectations of them. In sending that message, girls forfeit the most powerful leverage they have over men: controlling the supply of sex. If girls demand love and kindness in return for sex, they will get it.

Today, the market value of sexual access has plummeted. Sex is so readily available that men are not willing to give up much of anything to get it. Women need to start behaving in such a way as to increase the market value of sex to level the playing field and regain some control. The only way to achieve this is to restrict the supply.

The Sexual Revolution


The unintended consequences of the Sexual Revolution are another major influence on today’s sexual norms. The introduction of the Pill in the 1960s meant that for the first time women could choose to have sex without fear of pregnancy. At the same time, the Women’s Movement enabled women to make great gains in earning power. They didn’t need men to provide for them in the same way anymore. Men found to their amazement and delight that women no longer expected much in return for sex. This newfound sexual freedom led to a “market correction” and changed the rules of the game.

The Women’s Movement brought about many important changes for women. But that does not mean we are beholden to experimental notions of “free love” if they do not work for us, and do not give us what we want. These cultural forces are powerfully entrenched in our culture. To begin to change the culture, women will need to defend their right to be valued: to be treated with respect, honesty, and decency.


Marrying Later

Women outnumber men in colleges today by 56% to 44%. At many small liberal arts colleges, the percentages are more like 60% to 40%. This imbalance is huge. It means that even if traditional dating were still the norm, the numbers favor the guys right now in a big way.

Americans are also getting married much later than they used to. In the last forty years, the average age at marriage has gone from 20 for women and 23 for men to 25 for women and 27 for men. That means that you are much less likely to meet your spouse in college than you were forty years ago. Today the college experience is about studying abroad, getting good internships, and preparing for graduate school. Chances are that any boy you meet in college will not live in the same place you do for the next five to ten years. So it makes no sense to get too attached now, because there is no way it can last.

Finally, your generation is under enormous pressure to achieve. The American Dream dictates that each generation do better than the last. You are the children of the Baby Boomers, a very high achieving group. Your parents have extremely high expectations for your future, and you’ve always understood this. It is important for you to get good grades and focus on excelling. Of course you’re interested in boys, but you’re worried that you really don’t have enough time for the demands of a high-maintenance relationship on top of everything else. Boys in particular feel that college is a time to have fun and let off steam, and they say they don’t want the commitment of a relationship.


Rapid changes in technology are having a profound effect on the way young people communicate. Notwithstanding the benefits of social networking sites, text messaging, instant messaging, etc., taking more of our interactions electronic has served to make communication less personal. We don’t talk on the phone as much. We make most of our plans via text, which is devoid of emotion.

Guys love this! When a guy shoots you a text, he’s not risking very much. Even if you blow him off, the rejection doesn’t even begin to compare to your looking him in the eye and saying you have no interest in dating him. When he does text, he’s likely to say, “What are you up to?” rather than “I’d like to see you.” He may talk about meeting up later. Or say he’ll text again once he knows what his plans are. At no time does he need to say straight out that he really wants to see you and is willing to make a plan for a specific time.

This sucks for girls. They feel like they can’t initiate the conversation, and so are often left hanging as the night wears on. It’s very hard for girls to interpret these messages or the intent behind them.


Your generation has been raised with unprecedented access to sexually explicit material.  It boggles the mind to imagine that men were ever aroused by the glimpse of an ankle.  Today, young men view porn together as a way of bonding.  Porn scenarios almost always show the woman subservient to the male.  And porn focuses on the pleasure of the man; the woman’s pleasure is secondary and automatic.  As proof that porn is now totally mainstream among guys, many of the theme parties on college campuses are taken from porn plotlines:  CEOs and Office Hoes, Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes, Cowboys and Schoolgirls, Doctors and Nurses, etc.  Research shows that watching porn is actually deadening guys’ libidos.  The number of young men seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction is skyrocketing.  They literally can’t get it up with a healthy, normal girl because no actual sexual experience can match the arousal they feel watching porn.

Porn has raised the bar so high that many women work hard to arouse men so that they, as women, can feel empowered and desired.  From dressing extremely provocatively to baring it all in Girls Gone Wild videos, girls are offering themselves up as fresh meat.  If you want to be treated as a piece of meat, just follow along. Everybody’s doing it.  If you hope to expect more from a guy, you will have to expect more from yourself.


So we’re up against some pretty big obstacles: our DNA, a 1960s hangover, long odds, the objectification of women in the media, and technology that lets boys act so passive they’re almost invisible. But we know that men and women will continue to mate. The show will go on. The next post in this series, Understanding the Hookup Environment, will ask “What’s Dumb About Hooking Up?”  You may be stuck with it, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit quietly and like it.

  • VJ

    I’m not certain this will take, as my computer has been on the fritz all day. I stumbled onto your blog and I’ve been reading a bit. I like plenty of what you have here, but this is a bit much.

    Really? Free Love & Feminism was just that damaging? (Horrors, call the Nat. Rev!). And yet your own history, and common sense belies this. Yes, there’s much less ‘dating’ as such, especially in big cities. There’s probably any number of reasons for this, one of the less understood but more salient ones may be simply tied to economics. Few guys can actually afford to seriously ‘date’ a few gals anymore. Not for the full dress & ‘nice restaurant’ deal of times past. So it slides by much more casually. And then everything does as well. At $100+ a throw for a ‘serious’ dinner, parking and/or a movie/entertainment, well most folks (guys mainly) under the age of 40 have been priced out of the market, automatically.

    But Free Love? Over-rated as an explanatory device, unless you recognize that we’ve always had waxing & waning periods of ‘free love’ (and ‘freer expression’), and that alarmists were there at those periods too to warn us of it’s dire consequences. Yet we survived somehow. It comes with the emancipation & more liberty provided to, for & by Women. And it is a genuine revolution, but it’s always been one of the most contentious heritages of the West. (Yes, it’s one of the favorite reasons the Taliban hates us too!)

    Demographics are changing and one of the biggest drivers for why women are delaying marriage is their college completion rates, which now are well above males typically. So they’re preferring to delay marriage & child birth to complete their higher education. In order to get better jobs & careers. It’s a choice. Unfortunately the rest of life has not quite caught up and the gals have about 5-6 yrs post grad to ‘get it all together’ and try to start a family. Despite it all, many (even most) manage to thread this needle and actually do so. Many do not however. It’s a close call for most, especially high achievers. That’s why it pays to ‘get smart fast’, and try Not to play games with guys who might be interested in you. Hence the ‘push-pull’ of both sides of the ‘hook-up culture’.

    You don’t see that perhaps. But it’s there. The gals looking for Mr. Perfect in bed & Mr. Successful Striving Professional on the career ladder. The ones who grade on ‘above 6ft’ and ‘well endowed’, as musts for the ‘barriers to entry’ into their marriage or a LTR market. You can’t do that by just guessing or ‘estimating’ at a bar, they want, just like the guys, to get to examine ‘the horse flesh’ in person. To try out the equipment to see if it’s ‘suitable’. Which btw, is their perfect right. That’s why equality matters so much to them. They want an affirmative choice. They refuse to settle for ‘less’. (Well not before their 50th birthday, perhaps).

    The porn angle is interesting & telling. I think it’s a very strong disinclination for the guys today to not do much of anything. Want to convince a guy to leave his fine nest with FREE Porn on the Net, all day long? Make it easy with him to ‘hook up’ with the real thing. That’s another incentive for the ‘hook up culture’. The only thing that Might begin to beat ‘fantasy’ is reality, if it’s ‘good & plenty’, and not too difficult to obtain or troublesome to maintain. But if porn had been so available to earlier generations/ I think it would have created the same sorts of incentives. It’s not exactly ‘deadening’ the erotic impulses, it is ‘disincentiveizing’ guys from actually going out and meeting gals. Not having much practice, this only gets worse through time for many guys, and the women now have much higher standards of performance & expectations.

    So to my mind it creates a somewhat bi-polar world, (which never really went away). The really intelligent gals might know what they want, go for it, and get it, and get married (or in a LTR) before they’re 30-35. The ones that ‘hold out for perfection’ or a ‘better union’ after yes, decades of ‘hookups’ & one night stands, might just get lucky later on, but the dating pool is quite shallow by then. If you’re at all squeamish about ‘retreads’ or single dads, or other interesting ‘baggage’ it might be sometime before your prince will be coming. Many of the guys will feel the same way. Especially if they’re just work a day stiffs with no reasonably high salary, tight & demanding schedules and no time for a ‘real relationship’. All of their time & energy is captured at every more demanding jobs, with ever more precarious pay & tenures. Who needs women they commonly ask? They just use you & your money for their wants & desires and are often tremendously troublesome & querulous. And then it’s back to Porn& Karl Kraus’ famous dictum. If it’s the ‘easy’ life they desire, it’s best done alone. For both partners there needs to be some ‘extra’ value added besides the sex for it to all work in a LTR/marriage.

    So to make a long story short? My short & dirty prescription here is that it’s a somewhat successful ‘revolution of rising expectations’ on behalf of women & marriage. Some of the parts are working better than others. If you get lucky early it’s working. If you know what you want early, you might be able to get there. If you spend your 20’s discovering just which ‘unit’ fits your particular carnal needs best, well then it might take awhile. And you then bump up against the population that then has some physical & health challenges. Ergo, everyone over the age of 40-45 say. The Devil as they say is in the details. Most of us have little time to waste on this decade(s) long journey of ‘discovery’. Not unless you’re a model of human physical perfection let’s say. Which brings us to the media again and another rant for a different day: media images of men, women, love & loving. Think about it. It’s often only in the commercials do we ever glimpse the ideals that we imagined we grew up on. Right? Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  • KG

    Wow, I just stumbled upon your blog today and I think it’s great! It’s one of the best Web sites I’ve seen dealing with sex and the hookup generation. I agree with this article completely; it’s about time women opened their eyes and realized that it’s up to them to determine how they want to be treated by men. In response to the first commenter, I have to disagree: I have tons of guy friends, and they’ve all told me that the girl determines what the relationship is. If a woman puts sex on the table right away, then there is no incentive to wine and dine her; however, is she does the opposite and makes the guy “woo” her, then a dating relationship (if the man is interested) will commence. I recently dated a guy with over $100,000 in student loans, and that did not stop him from taking me to dinner or asking me to go on walks in the park. Using the economy as a reason to not date is just another lame excuse, and should not be tolerated.

    • susanawalsh

      Hi KG, thanks so much for reading and commenting! I totally agree with you about the economy – a walk in the park is lovely. A guy can make pasta at his place (and I’ll bring the wine) for $10. I think it’s all about the effort. Of course, there are some women who want a guy to spend money on them. They are seeking something other than love and relationship. A rich guy can spend a ton of money and be lazy about dating. A broke guy can be utterly charming and inventive with very little to spend.

  • VJ

    KG Says: “I have tons of guy friends, and they’ve all told me that the girl determines what the relationship is. If a woman puts sex on the table right away, then there is no incentive to wine and dine her; however, is she does the opposite and makes the guy “woo” her, then a dating relationship (if the man is interested) will commence”.

    This is fine as it goes, and a bit of ‘common sense’ too. But how long do you ‘hold out’? There are natural expectations on behalf of both parties. Past a few months or so? The guys feel like they’re being played for chumps in a HS like game that the gals yes, Do control. Few other than the very religiously inclined will tolerate that for long. So the ‘strategy’ does have it’s natural limitations.

    “I recently dated a guy with over $100,000 in student loans, and that did not stop him from taking me to dinner or asking me to go on walks in the park. Using the economy as a reason to not date is just another lame excuse, and should not be tolerated”.

    Yes, people really do still date, and try to do so cheaply. But KG? This is not exactly ‘wine & dine’ in the style many feel they should be accustomed to. It’s nice, but it can’t be long before someone looses interest because ‘he’s just not special enough to do X, Y, z…’. The lousy state of the economy is not a just a reason Not to date. It’s also a very good reason why Not to get married, and to postpone a divorce too, as everything costs money! This from the Huffington Post:

    I quote from this:

    “Some Americans are putting off marriage and children because of the economy, according to a national survey released Wednesday.

    Eleven percent of Americans surveyed said they planned to postpone marriage, and the same number said they are waiting to have children, according to the survey by legal website”.

    And further: “The trend is more pronounced among young folks and poor folks. Thirty-seven percent of people between 18 and 34 said they were postponing marriage, divorce, or children. Thirty-five percent of those with less than $35,000 in yearly household income said they were putting off a big decision”.

    So YES the economy does influence peoples behavior!

    I also assume this is your age set too. Speaking of your last date with Mr. 100K in debt, that does sound like a ‘professional’ sort of load, so he probably has some decent prospects as a Doc or a Lawyer. So are you still with him? Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  • Hey, Rachel, thanks so much for coming by and leaving a comment! You make a very interesting point – that moving from hooking up to a relationship can be very difficult because we have no practice at relationships. It really does have enormous implications for dating and marriage later, shifting the whole timeline back by perhaps 5 years? That is extremely significant for women, whose fertility has an expiration date.

  • Woman is the honorable personality in society. It should have the values in the society. In the role as Daughter, , Sister , Wife and grandmother there is the hierarchy system as the time passes its values should increase but in our society the values of the Woman are just in the age of 18 to 35 she have some value after that it is ignored at every stage. To change the Natural trend and natural human values and the family system we will have to suffer a lot.
    A time will come when we will in minorities in our own countries and call the people from other nations. There is a natural family and pure relationship system in Islam which values to the person according to their hierarchy in society. The natural flow of life is necessary otherwise we will not humans we will machines.

  • Thanks for the article but I’m not sure whether to agree 100%. I am a man and my sexual desire is not that strong compare to my wife. She left me for another man.

  • eh nunny mouse

    From one man’s perspective,
    I truly wished that porn had the ability to diminish my libido, no matter how dead i tried to make myself with porn, my libido persisted, my desire persisted, and in the presence of any moderately attractive women my erection persisted.  maybe ed is a later in life problem.  maybe ed is a problem because men and women are living longer than designed to.  regardless, lack of attraction was never a problem.
    As far as the texting thing is concerned.  I haven’ and don’t, seems weak and a little lame. certainly passive.  I have great confidence in suggesting that men are getting more and more feminized.  I believe this is the by product of political correctness, rules regarding sexual harassment, and the fact that “good boys” are taught to respect women, which of course includes all the never nevers and all the bs about what women are supposed to like.  As long as you keep cramming that crap down boys throats they will be perpetually way too afraid of upsetting, or being impolite, or whatever else the pc mavens demand.  Of course, all of this is your design because you really don’t like good boys, so of course you’re gonna lie to them.
    for the two decades that i’ve pursued women the most consistent theme is that i can’t relate on an intellectual, emotional, or spiritual level.  Even with women I had sex with, all the ones I was attracted to, I couldn’t make a genuine connection.  This is much different from friendship in which I have great connections, with men and women.
    Some women couldn’t see me as a legitimate potential partner because i wasn’t Alpha enough. Others weren’t emotionally available for other reasons.  Others were very attracted to me and I couldn’t reciprocate.  Still others were comfortable with casual hook ups, but would never allow anything serious.  Many women would just act bored.
    Even today I still get a lot of IOI’s specifically eye-contact, smiles, and body language, hips, legs, knees, posture, all of it.  But as soon as I start talking, they lose interest, or do a convincing job acting like they’ve lost interest.
    Since i’ve started studying game, I believe i’ve made a connections in that the womens were giving me shit tests which i was failing.  because i’m always most interesting when i’m ignoring them.  Which leads me to believe that women don’t like my personality, which is of course true. women don’t like at all, they like Alpha me.  The problem is that I hate Alpha me, and I feel guilty when i do it, unless i’m around close friends and family.
    In all honesty, I have come to interpret women’s beauty and charm as manipulation,which it is. And I resent manipulation like nothing else.  Once men understand what you are doing, they either resent it, or they feel justified in manipulating you in kind.

  • Jordan

    This blog is a terrible piece of advice to give young or any age women. As a male in a serious relationship I hope no women listen to this blog. Men love testing because it’s devoid of emotion and women should be more restrictive with sex? If this relationship were not going to work okay but using sex as a tool of empowerment or keeping emotion from a relationship ensure that relationship is doomed to fail. I love my girl. I tell her how I feel. If she used sex in the manner you suggest I would feel used. In this new era of almost constant meaningless sex between strangers we forget that sex is more than a means to pleasure. It is a way for people connect on a very deep level. To help strengthen connections already established. To suggest using it as a tool of any sort only opposes to issues you yourself have with sex. Plead don’t try to persuade women to be free by using sex or generalizing all men as emotionless washouts. The fact is there are guys out there with more in mind than getting laid. Ladies reading this plea don’t take this advice. Date a guy, get to know him, trust and love him. Then do what you both feel is right. Don’t assume anything about any guy before you really know him. if you do that you will find a guy worth putting serious feelings towered.

  • LiberatedMan

    Sex: Men Desire It and Women Control It

    Black & White, Men vs Women in CONTROL of a man’s own (sole) sexual gratification. Absolute BS which has been reinforced by culture, religion, & state.

    Welcome to the 21st century. After 17 years of being held hostage in an awful marriage to a BP, ADHD, OCD, ODD, BPD psychotic woman.. I grew up. My body, my dick, my orifices, my desires are only mine to control.

    – I am an atheist.
    – I have a right hand which doesn’t talk back.
    – My aversion to a fat shrew was not ED, it was total disgust.
    – I will not be emotionally extorted by anyone of either gender.
    – I am a child of the sexual revolution (liberated & liberal thinking).

    So, I am now bisexual at 52. Call me names as much as you like but I now get all the sex I want. I have relationships with both genders. I have children. I grew up. You might want to look at Primates: Bonobos, Chimps & Gorillas.

    Bonobos (our closest genetic relation) have societies bound by casual bisexual encounters. I like the social dynamic.

    Chimps are not monogamous. They also behave more like gorillas.

    Gorillas have alpha males who beat members of their female harems. Domestic Violence is natural, Female antagonism is natural.

    Humanity has been pushed backwards by feminists towards animal behavior. I will not fight an ideology (no win situation). I will behave like a Bonobo.

    Introduce me to a clean, mutually consensual, intelligent person of either gender & we may end up having some sexual fun. I have wasted too much time dealing with female mental illness to put up with any more of it. I don’t give a damn about societal views in general. I will not submit control of my body to anyone ever again.

    The day everyone “grows up” is the death of feminism, control games, guilt, control, & a myriad of personal strife & perhaps even marriage & society as we know it. Me, I don’t care. I will continue to have safe & sane sex for the rest of my days.

    Life is what you make it, It can be good when you live by your own rules.

  • ms2011

    I concur with the “Susans..”…the cave man theory is a bust.

    I do believe women call the shots (it’s a biology thing IMO and not a psychology thing). Blaming feminism, sexual lib, the woman’s movement, the pill, or anything else is BS.

    Because of our reproductive system (and cycle), and maternal instincts, we have to be selective and it makes sense that we are.

    It makes no sense for men to go out and “reproduce” with as many females as possible and men typically do not (and have not).

    The notion of the alpha male is that he is an ideal mating partner (easily picked out and noted because he is attractive) because he possesses the abilities and strength required to provide for and protect the female carrying his seed and the offspring.

    How can (logically, effectively, and realistically speaking) a male really do that if he reproduces with a number of females?

    Now…”civilized” Men and women have been “programmed” and conditioned to suppress and hide their needs and desires (ie: emotions, affection, warmth, acceptance, love, and sex etc) for the most part often to the extent of feeling forced to pretend to be/like someone/something they aren’t/don’t.

    This causes a lot of of problems with “self” and others making establishing or maintaining healthy relationships (even knowing what one is) difficult.

    Although women are taught to “keep their legs closed” (to convince a man she’s virtuous and worthy….manipulative btw), women are aware of this, and capable of sharing and speaking about this because it’s in our “feminine” nature to do so.

    Men on the other hand are taught to go screw all the women you can without being emotionally present (to convince himself this makes him an alpha…destructive btw).

    I don’t believe men are aware of how much that lie prevents them from connecting with themselves, others, and women.

  • Susan Walsh:

    In sending that message, girls forfeit the most powerful leverage they have over men: controlling the supply of sex. If girls demand love and kindness in return for sex, they will get it.

    Jordan wrote:

    This blog is a terrible piece of advice to give young or any age women. As a male in a serious relationship I hope no women listen to this blog. Men love testing because it’s devoid of emotion and women should be more restrictive with sex? If this relationship were not going to work okay but using sex as a tool of empowerment or keeping emotion from a relationship ensure that relationship is doomed to fail.

    Yes. And relationships are failed.

    EDIT: After Post Comment that was not visible. It looked that nothing happened. I got that visible when I pressed reload button on browser (on other window where I was that same blog entry visible.)

  • Jennifer

    Excellent post and points.

  • Tom

    @ Susan
    Or because men decided to offer commitment in exchange for sex, to use relationships merely as a means to an end.

    Not sure I agree with that.. there are many reasons people get married, sex being only one of them..As for me I can get sex, marriage or not, relationship or not.

  • Keep it Simple

    Women and men control nothing but themselves. Procreation is a part of the strongest urge for self preservation. Some men may try to earn a relationship with the added benefit of having a sexual partner as the icing on the cake. Others like myself see that there are a lot of women to choose from. Knowing that, why would i want to be with someone who plays games with a need we all share? So, women please remember this control you THINK you have is false. Your partner can and may move to greener pastures. You don’t control us and we don’t control you.

  • bludrew

    Lets be honest here. The legal, corporate, academic, and social environments men work their way through today provide very very strong disincentives to marry.
    Women are given tremendous amounts of assistance in education and at work. Men are told that their desires, natures, and abilities are evil, wrong, and violent.
    Women are often given scholarships, higher grades, promotions, rewards, and continual ego boosts; men are told they must “man.up” and work harder.
    Obviously, half of all humanity did not suddenly become lazy or stupid. We did, however, become the victims of reverse sexism.
    It is very real, and we very much realize who the perpetrators and beneficiaries were of this.
    As far as marriage goes, women now openly threaten disobedient husbands with financial disaster, as they know full well how Family Court

  • Lilian

    Whoa, a bunch of comments with no backup… The “men work so much harder than women” schtick again? But you don’t care to tell us when exactly this happens? I’ve never heard of that crap you’re talking about.
    Anyway, in respinse to the article, I think it’s sort of unfair to put it all on women. I mean afterall, women do want sex, it’s just if we give it to early, the man will consider us a slut and not girlfirend material. That’s ridiculous. Women have needs, too, we’re human.
    Plus, when men don’t want sex, doesn’t that mean the woman can’t get it in that case either (in a relationship anyway)? I mean, let’s face it, men are people, and not going to be up for it 24/7 like this culture seems to want us to believe.
    Not to mention I disagree with that “men want variety, women are hypergamous” BS. No woman that actually values relationships is going to stay with a man until she is able to “trade up.” That is despicable, just as it is for a man to run around with a different women every night. It’s not an *inherent* trait, as the Evolutionary Theory (masquerading as Biological Theory) claims. It is a *character* trait. People do what they want to do. Period. (Plus, that theory has never been proven anyway).
    Well anyway, I think that men that say women control the sex just have this random sense of entitlement. If you want it so badly, don’t treat us like garbage when we give it to you. Or get a prostitute–they’ll do whatever you want for some change. Life is not about sex, sex, sex. Men and women need to start treating each other better than this!

  • Rp456

    If closing your legs is not manipulation, then what else? Remember that in modern world men know the economics of supply and demand, if women stop the supply, men will always find other means. Then your leverage is lost. Closing your legs is old trick used by women that may not work in modern world.

  • Wimpyjoe

    Alex Jones of the infowars says it’s all designed my globalist who are riches people on planet and want population control, there engineers who own all corporations and banks. Use manipulate markets and everything in the world. Infowars. Com

    Colapse the economy, take the guns, then we’re all working for less then minimum wage. And insure when they buy up everything for almost nothing, thier property is really there’s. And they want all this incredible suppressed technology for themselves. Life extension space travel. So tell try to eliminate ninty percent of people, and battle it out am once themselves for king of mountain, where they will emerge with machines

  • Shamus Joy

    The relative power of men and women has changed and this change is accelerating.
    Women are richer now and men are poorer . If a man and a woman get drunk together and have sex,he is a rapist and she is a victim to be comforted. Women are rightly choosey who they mate with but they must accept that sexually and economically they are becoming more than equal. Men are pressured by their testosterone to desire sex but fantasy is cheap and relatively safe. Women may need to accept that equality is not possible in sexual relationships since they hold most of the power and ask why female dominant relationships are increasingly sought by men ? and why male chastity devices are popular with so many men and their keyholders.

  • Holy Basil

    “Sex: Men Desire It, and Women Control the Supply”

    Women desire sex too and the men whom they desire it from control the supply.

  • Abbot

    “the men whom they desire it from control the supply…”

    …right up to the moment the woman says “yes”

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