Personal Grooming Below the Equator

To all my readers who couldn’t care less about the politics of sex and relationships, this one’s for you.

Pubic hair (def.):

A patch of hair that causes nothing but trouble.

Urban Dictionary

Recently Kim Kardashian shared this grooming secret with Allure magazine:

I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms…my entire body is hairless!

This led Leslie Goldman of HuffPo to fret about the cultural implications for women:

“Besides eliciting frightening mental images of a Chinese Crested Hairless, Kardashian’s hair quip made me kind of sad that we live in a society where women punish themselves in such painful and bizarre ways, all in an attempt to conform to some externally mandated definition of what is beautiful or sexy.”

I don’t know about you, but if I were Kim Kardashian I probably wouldn’t be rocking a mustache either. I’m not Armenian, but I am descended from hairy, raucous Celts who were still painting themselves blue in the forest during the heyday of the Roman Empire. (To be fair, they had some awesome pagan mating rituals.) By the age of 5, I was fully aware that my pale skinny calves covered with dark hair was not a good look. And just in case I’d missed the memo, my classmates teased me mercilessly, to the point that I spent my childhood in knee socks, even during the summer. Lest you think I exaggerate, once when I was about 10 I locked myself in the bathroom and shaved a stripe down my shin with my father’s razor. I loved the new look, but just then my mother called us to the dinner table. As I entered the kitchen my mother exclaimed, “Oh my God! What did you do to your leg!!??” My decision to forever avoid the ranks of hairy-legged feminists was probably cemented that night.

The truth is that women have probably been removing body hair, including pubic hair, since our forebears fashioned blades sharp enough to do the job. Some interesting tidbits about the history of hair removal,  both general and pubic:

  • In North America and Western Europe, it became increasingly common during the 20th century for women to remove some or all of their body hair. The removal of pubic hair by Western women became more common when bathing suits became abbreviated, starting in 1945. Changes in lingerie styles have also encouraged the removal of pubic hair.
  • In Ancient Egypt, many people depilated their entire bodies to prevent infestation by lice, fleas, and other parasites. Ancient Egyptian priests also shaved or depilated all over daily, so as to present a “pure” body before the images of the gods.
  • Sharia recommends the removal of armpit and pubic hair. Considered a hygienic practice, it was taught by the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Hair removal has been used at times to humiliate. During European witch-hunts of the Medieval and Early Modern periods, alleged witches were stripped naked and their entire body shaved to discover the so-called witches’ marks.
  • Evidence of pubic hair removal in ancient India dates back to 4000 to 3000 BC.
  • According to John Ruskin’s biographer Mary Lutyens, the notable author, artist, and art critic was apparently accustomed only to the hairless nudes portrayed unrealistically in art, never having seen a naked woman before his wedding night. He was allegedly so shocked by his discovery of his wife Effie’s pubic hair that he rejected her, and the marriage was later legally annulled. He is supposed to have thought his wife was freakish and deformed.
  • Among the upper class in 19th century Victorian Britain, pubic hair from one’s lover was frequently collected as a souvenir. The curls were, for instance, worn like cockades in men’s hats as potency talismans, or exchanged among lovers as tokens of affection.

OK, seriously, let’s not do that last one for Valentine’s Day. It appears that body hair has always been viewed as masculine, and its absence as feminine. Women removing theirs may indeed be an effort to be more attractive to men, or it may reflect a desire not to be too different, too far from the norm, as it was in my case. I think it’s fair to say that the issue has never been as political as it is today, and that women are doing a considerable amount of hand wringing about the practice.

A few years ago I was at a luncheon with a group of mothers who all had 18 year-old daughters in the same high school class. This topic came up at one point and I was quite surprised to learn that virtually all of the women were vehement in their denial that their daughters would even consider removing their pubic hair. I happened to know for a fact that every single one of those girls had gone bald eagle (this was a frequent topic of conversation around my kitchen table), though I didn’t disclose that fact. One woman present was a pediatrician, and confirmed that one of the most frequent reasons adolescents come in is for the treatment of folliculitis as a result of shaving the pubis. This conversation was profoundly upsetting to many of the mothers, probably because they feared that it signaled sexual activity, and none of them were willing to consider that their daughters might be having sex. I don’t think any of them were actually having sex, but the point is that they were thinking a lot about having sex at some point, and in the meantime, being ready felt adult and kind of sexy in itself. One mother felt so upset by the conversation that she emailed me four years later to let me know that her daughter, a sometime model and University of Michigan student, assured her that no one at Michigan was removing their pubic hair. Yeah, okay.

The current fashion for partial or total hair removal is generally traced to porn, which is really just a way of saying that guys dig less hairy women. In the annual Ask Men survey, here’s how the numbers stack up:

When it comes to hair “below her equator” what do you prefer?

I don’t care                        18%

Completely natural                5%

Triangle or landing strip      38%

No hair, Brazilian please      39%

A separate survey of 2000 adults in 2003 produced similar results:

Male Preference re Female Pubic Hair:

No Hair                              40%

Trimmed                             46%

Natural                               14%

Interestingly, the same survey asked women what they prefer. 70% want to see some manscaping.

Female Preference re Male Public Hair:

No Hair                               15%

Trimmed                              55%

Natural                                30%

This may explain the recent fracas when Sasha Grey went full frontal on Entourage, revealing a large triangle of black hair, 70s style. It will be interesting to see whether, as a porn star, she can create a new fashion trend. Initial results, however were not promising. Twitter reactions went viral, and included these gems:

  • holy shit. sasha grey in entourage = bush city.
  • Can someone tell me why Sasha Grey had a HUGE bush on Entourage? wtf? (tweeted by female)
  • why was Sasha Grey in the most recent episode of Entourage have a hairy bush???? did anyone else think that was digusting. ITS 2010!
  • Sasha Grey is HOT! But her bush on tonight’s Entourage was NASTY!
  • Holy shit for an ep about shaved vag, Sasha Grey on Entourage tonight had an ENORMOUS fucking 70s bush. WTF
  • Thanks Entourage – now I’m gonna have nightmares about Sasha Grey’s bush
  • Why is Sasha Grey walking around with a full bush. Please shave bitch LOL. (tweeted by female)
  • Sasha Grey….please shave your bush. Thank you.
  • And one fan:
  • I think Sasha Grey might singlehandedly bring back the bush.

SG tweeted the following response:

A lot of bush comments after tonight’s #Entourage episode. If you’re curious…that’s what a grown woman looks like. Besides, I shave where it counts ↓ I’m happy to contribute to making it ok again:) All ‘fashions’ have their cycles!

There you have it, the zeitgeist. Does this mean you should shave or trim your pubic hair? No, not if you don’t want to. I certainly wouldn’t bother if you’re not sexually active. But now you know how most young men and women feel about the issue, and you can make an informed choice. If your partner has a preference, I’d give it serious consideration.

For the women: If it’s any consolation, many men say it’s a factor in their willingness to go downtown. And that’s not something to dismiss lightly. Just saying.

For the men: Seriously, if any part of you wants your balls in her mouth, shave them. Anything else is testicular manslaughter.

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  • J

    Shaving “down there” is a feminist statement. It is egalitarian because, when a woman shaves, her man gets to experience whisker burn as his partner develops a 5 o’clock shadow. SHe gets to experience razor burn. It’s all good.

  • Clarence

    A well trimmed landing strip is my personal fave.

    I’d risk oral with that. I mostly LIKE giving oral. And getting it too :P
    The one I am currently with is totally shaved, which is BEST for oral, but ironically my third favorite pick. I like em in this order, landing patch, 70′s style bush, or bare. It’s not a big thing, but she has agreed to let it grow a bit and shave then.

  • Escarondito

    It’s funny, hair isn’t a complete no-no with me. Complete bush is just absolutely a no oral zone. Men shouldn’t even try. I made the mistake one time one horny college night, terrible decision. Things get stuck places, just not a good look.

    Shaved awhile ago and just starting to grow hair? That’s acceptable

  • jess

    i thought all this was agreed a long time ago.
    shave, shave and shave again. and then wax, and another shave to be sure.
    i dont know of a single male or female who thinks its ok for a girl to be hairy
    and im pretty sure everyone thinks the male should be at the very least ‘tidy and well kept’
    any hair on the body is seen as unfemine.
    i remember at uni some orthodox feminists getting really pissy on the subject saying it was ‘male control’- i think they lost the argument somewhat…
    ps. i just looked up sasha grey…
    She is such a sweet, petite, innocent thing- but some of the things she does!!
    i cannot understand on a simple ‘law of physics’ thing how she does what she does- simply unbeleivable-
    pps now how do i delete my computer history- i dont want my bf seeing what i have surfed.

  • J

    On the top of your screen, under the address box, there should be a row of headings. Select “Tools.” At the bottom of the dropdown liust, it will say “Internet Options.” Select that. In the dialogue box, you will see some tabs. You should be on the “General” tab. In the middle of that tab, there should be an option that says “Delete History.” Click on that and go from there. It should be self-explanatory.

  • jess

    many, many thanks. its worked.
    i was a bit firghtened because all these extra windows kept popping up, like i didnt control the laptop any more even after i had escaped the site.

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    I think your right in the middle of the pack there. Question, if I may: Do you think this varies at all by race? Either practices or preferences? Just curious.
    @J LOL! I’ve actually had women tell me they shave twice or more per day, just to keep things baby smooth. Sounds like a lot of work. Why not just take a quick shower before sex?
    @Clarence Sounds like you and your partner have good communication. It really is a fashion thing – 30 years ago every man loved the full bush, because that’s all there was. I think if I got waxed at this point, my husband would have a heart attack. He’d be alarmed, then suspicious.
    @Jess I actually have a pic of Sasha Grey with the full bush, but it’s just too NSFW for this blog. However, anyone can see it on Google Images.
    P.S. You may be able to select “private browsing” on your computer. It won’t even generate a history. That’s what I do when I research porn ;-)

  • http://FT.com VJ

    More things that you might not know, and are still horrifying to the rest of us who do.

    1.) His/her ‘equator’? Moves. Regularly. And mostly? None too favorably. Hence the old men with pants up around their ears, and the pearish shaped wives who may still love them. And yes, this happens oh so quickly too. Ditto for the quality & quality of hair (and grey hairs within) growing everywhere. Even on or in that ‘cute’ Armenian ‘stache the entire K family sports.

    2.) Sasha Grey is a scrawny semi-talented neophyte who’d likely be turned down for most p0rno in almost any other prior decade. But she’s still hot & has enough of what’s required. Enthusiasm & a willingness to keep practicing until her big break comes along.

    3.) Questions & commentary about the quality & appearance of ‘bush’ have likely outnumbered those of Anything on John Ruskin by perhaps 1Million to one. On a really good day. When the MLA is meeting too.

    4.) Shaving 2 times a day is still a poor substitute for sex.

    5.) They’ve got a name for all those ‘wild Michiganders’ who do not shave. UP’ers!

    Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • http://FT.com VJ

    Umm this just in related news: Want a raise? Wash your vag!’ No Really.


    Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • Average Joe

    For me it completely depends on the lady…
    A milf… I’d want full 80′s retro bush.
    A bartender fresh out of college… probably no hair.
    A corporate professional… definitely spa Brazilian.

  • http://FT.com VJ

    More useless data for future stories coming in…

    “15% Of Women Have Slept With Their Bosses — And 37% Of Them Got Promoted For It”
    Alyson Shontell | Aug. 25, 2010, 2:44 PM

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sex-is-killing-the-workplace-2010-8#ixzz0xkT1QrHB


    That’s not a bad ROI, right? Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • jess

    to susan
    ah so thats what private browsing is. my 1st window offer me this but i didnt know what it was. i dont know how to activate it (hang on-im not going porn surfing- why am i asking all this!)
    as for sasha gray i have seen plenty enough of her exploits to last me a life time.
    i certainly do not wish to gaze upon her hursuit nether regions again
    if thats what guys are into no wonder vanilla sex is losing kudos.

    oh and by the way ‘porn research’ yeah right, sounds like a guys line…….

  • escarondito

    @ Susan.

    Every man doesn’t like too much down there. But with Black girls I’m a little more lenient because the hair grows curlier, so it’s not a wavy jungle as quickly as it is with a white girl.

    I’ve noticed that white girls I’ve been with absolutely trim more frequently than any other. Asian girls should never ever have a big bush down there. It clashes so much with their skin it just looks terribly off. Latina women I’ve been with have more, shall I say creative options they partake in trimming. A strip, a heart, the surprise is nice.

  • J


    Dude, you are too funny.

    And I, obviously, am I the wrong line of work. Sleeping with the boss, sex for promotions….wow.

    OTOH, I have discovered how to trade sex for livelihood. I call it “suburban housewife game.”

  • Höllenhund

    Out of mere empathy I agree that no woman should be expected to suck unshaved balls.

  • Someguy

    I prefer it just a little trimmed. When it’s hairless I tend to feel like a pederast. And what Escondarito said is very true: perform cunnilingus on a woman with a full bush at your peril. First of all, you are basically choking on a wet sweater. Second of all, if, while choking on the wet sweater, you succumb to the occasional biological urge to make a choking SOUND, it is totally possible that the woman will use it to justify a widely-held suspicion that you really don’t like giving her oral sex after all, and she’ll be ashamed and upset and it will be a total joy-kill.

  • Someguy

    Also true, Hollenhund.

  • J

    perform cunnilingus on a woman with a full bush at your peril.

    Apparently this is a lost art among the under 40 set.

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    Wavy jungle, that’s hilarious. If you go in, you may never come out!
    As for Asian women, well I don’t think they’re very hairy, so it’s unlikely to be much of an issue in the first place, but I think it’s ridiculous to claim a mismatch between the color of their hair and their skin! That’s mother nature.

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    First of all, you are basically choking on a wet sweater.

    hahaha! Yeah, I really don’t think the full bush is ever coming back, no matter what Sasha Grey does.

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    Apparently this is a lost art among the under 40 set.

    Indeed. It’s not exactly rocket science, and unlike with balls, there is a nice little spot in the middle that’s hairless. And it’s the only spot that matters anyway!
    I will say that women should definitely remove hair from their thighs. That is most definitely not a good look at the beach, in bed, or anywhere.

  • Someguy

    I’m 36. I guess I just missed the boat.

    But really, all I was saying is that it should be trimmed to some extent. Not all bushes are created equal. Some can be monumental, au natural. And if she’s moving her legs around when you’re kissing her vagina, hair tends to get in your mouth.

    And just one spot? Women seem to like it when you pay attention to their outer labia as well, where there be hair.

  • Aldonza

    Shaving twice a day? What is she, a sex-worker? OCD about genital grooming? Seriously, they have meds for that.
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the influence of porn in all of this. A mere generation ago (when porn was something you had to go out of your house to find and most women weren’t exposed to much of it), full-bush or trimmed was the norm. Porn pussy is almost always bare pussy. Men like porn pussy. Ergo…well, you know what I mean.
    Women generally do what men find attractive. If we managed to convince a bunch of women that shaving their heads was sexy to men, you know what would follow.

  • Aldonza


    More useless data for future stories coming in…
    “15% Of Women Have Slept With Their Bosses — And 37% Of Them Got Promoted For It”
    Alyson Shontell | Aug. 25, 2010, 2:44 PM
    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sex-is-killing-the-workplace-2010-8#ixzz0xkT1QrHB

    37%? That is a pretty good ROI. It has to be a better ROI than things like time management courses or “dressing for success” in the usual connotation of the phrase.

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    It’s true, women do like the outer labia stimulated, but here the soft, warm tongue is not as important. The reason women like oral so much is that it’s perfect for direct stimulation of the clit. The labia can take a lot more handling.

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    Particularly in summer, a young woman headed to the beach will shave. If she thinks there’s any possibility of a sexual encounter later, she will shave again when she showers before going out. I believe this is actually the norm.
    I did point out that porn brought the bare pubis into fashion, which is just another way of saying that men like less hair on women. One thing that hasn’t come up, but I think it’s relevant wrt to porn – men love looking at women, and removing pubic hair makes that far easier.
    I agree that women always have and always will do whatever they perceive men find attractive. Female intrasexual competition drives it – if a guy says he likes a woman bare, and you dig in and refuse to lose the bush, well you’re saying he can take it or leave it, and he may leave it if there is a sexy bare woman just around the corner.

  • http://www.jeffreybrauer.blogspot.com/ Jeffrey of Troy

    “Hetero” means “different. For a women to shave (or trim) the pubes is the same as shaving the legs – it highlights that difference. That’s why feminists opposed shaving the legs in the first place.
    Re: Sasha Grey. I don’t get the fascination. When I first heard of her, looked her up on web, was totally bored.

  • Chili

    “if a guy says he likes a woman bare, and you dig in and refuse to lose the bush, well you’re saying he can take it or leave it, and he may leave it if there is a sexy bare woman just around the corner.”
    A guy to whom this is a dealbreaker…well.
    The reason why Ruskin became famous for this is because men do not generally break up with their girlfriends/wives for the state of their pubis.

    • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

      Agreed. We all have things that turn us on, and things that turn us off. At this moment, men are culturally conditioned to appreciate the reduction or removal of public hair. (I don’t think there’s anything biological about it, but there are some practical considerations, from the male point of view.) It’s no different than any other feature – short vs. long hair, for example. There are many more young straight women with long hair than short, because young men communicate a strong preference for long hair. A woman who prefers hers short (I always did) understands that may or may not reduce the number of men who find her attractive. Either way, she certainly has the right to groom herself according to her own preferences.

  • Höllenhund


    the fascination with Sasha Grey is easy to explain and has nothing to do with looks:

    - she entered the industry really young
    - she seems to be very ambitious, she’s willing to do some pretty sick sh*t on camera, more than your average porn actress
    - she also started making music and starring in mainstream movies
    - she’s more intelligent and articulate than the average porn actress

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    One thing that struck me about photos of her is that her face is very asymmetrical. I don’t think she’s pretty at all, though she’s got a great body, obviously. Was she the porn star that Roissy pretended was Lady Raine? Because there is an uncanny resemblance. LR looks like a poor man’s Sasha Grey.

  • Escarondito

    Going down on big asian bush is like leaving the shore and entering the heart of darkness. I maintain my point.

    And on Sasha Grey. I found it’s not really her attractiveness, because lets be honest she is not that attractive for a normal girl or a porn star. I agree with Holl that it is the fact that she is more intelligent than the average porn star, yet does sick shit while looking like a crack whore. She the chick on COPS who you can talk about Proust with. CRAZY combo, but it works.

  • Höllenhund

    Ms. Walsh,

    I don’t remember that post well but I doubt it. LR obviously looks different.

    BTW Sasha Grey is also a SP feminist but she isn’t annoying, atthough a bit self-absorbed and very nasty. I like her. Some safe-for-work stuff:


    Her address at the 2010 AVN:



    Interview with Carson Daly:


    She looks really pretty in these videos. Come to think of it, I guess part of her appeal is her quasi-Asian look (although she’s of Greek origin):



  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    Wow, from the profile, a memory from age 4 or 5:
    “From the time I was four or five, I had a lot of BD/SM fantasies,” she says. “I vividly remember coming down some sort of manhole, but when I came under there was a big black room. I’m shackled up in there, and I’m fucking some guy.”
    No wonder she turned into a porn star. Alice in Wonderland fucking in chains.
    I watched some of those videos and did not find her articulate in the least. Why would anyone say that this uneducated 22 year old is intelligent? She’s an expert at marketing herself, I suppose, but I don’t think she could discuss Proust or Nietzsche. If you’ve got it on tape and she’s an intellectual, I’d love to see it. Otherwise, I’m not buying it, though I do think it’s a clever tactic, wanting smart, i.e. well-off, men jacking off to her videos.

  • Average Joe

    One thing that struck me about photos of her is that her face is very asymmetrical. I don’t think she’s pretty at all.
    She isn’t pretty. Her face looks swollen.

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    The notion that a porn star can garner a loyal following of men based on her intellectual candle power is fascinating to me. Both here and in the press it’s repeatedly stated that she’s intelligent for a porn star and is now getting real acting parts. The most legit of these was a role as a paid escort in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience.
    “David Denby of The New Yorker expressed a dim view of Grey’s acting abilities, calling The Girlfriend Experience “inert” because “Sasha Grey was so wrapped in egotism that she forgot to give a performance.”
    Re education, from Wiki:
    Grey attended four high schools, among them Highlands High, before graduating, having been unhappy in each one, though it should be noted she graduated a year early, at 17. In autumn 2005, she attended junior college and took classes in film, dance, and acting.
    As for her representing herself as a sex pos feminist, that’s pretty good marketing savvy too. She has lent a certain legitimacy to her choice of career by cloaking herself in politics and the women’s movement. She’s definitely got that kind of smarts, in the same tradition as Lady Gaga and Madonna. I wonder how the sex pos gang feels about her – black sheep or poster child?
    Film critic A.O. Scott:
    A. O. Scott of The New York Times described her pornographic career as “distinguished both by the extremity of what she is willing to do and an unusual degree of intellectual seriousness about doing it.”
    That last bit I’ll agree with. Hers should be an interesting career to watch.

  • jess

    having seen her ‘in action’ i think her career will culminate in regular visits to the nappy shop.
    (this has nothing to do with having children by the way)
    not wishing to be vulgar or anything….

  • escarondito

    Articulate on world affairs, no. But if you ever hear the average porn star speak who isn’t a jenna jameson market whiz…you realize that 90% of those girls seem to have had no education whatsoever.

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  • deborah

    i have read about the man who ditched his wife for having hair in the post. the art of the time did not have pubes because genital hair was too arousing so it was censored. this gives a different view of the acceptance of pubic hair during that time than how it seems to be presented here.

    I have a friend who is an artist who made a tasteful painting of her nude husband and placed a little plastic square in the lower corner that had a small amount of both of their pubic hair in it. it was an anniversary present. it actually looked really cool and I thought it gave the painting a very intimate meaning.

    I shave because my husband prefers it, but I can understand how men used to enjoy women’s body hair. I’ve gone down on women with full bush and never felt it needed shaving. you just use you fingers to part and keep the hair out of the way. bald is so sterile.

  • jess

    beats the hell out of me…

    i went on tour to Europe in the 80s and some of the women didnt shave under their arms!

    i assume the same was true downstairs

    the guys i was with were repulsed- it really isnt such a nice look

    theres no denying hair is natural i guess, but humans arent natural. we wear clothes and use farming techniques. me, i am a happy to use a bra and razor. i would advise any woman to follow suit.

  • Höllenhund

    Ms. Walsh,

    “I watched some of those videos and did not find her articulate in the least.”

    I bet she’s articulate and intelligent compared to the average 20-year-old American girl. She can probably also discuss Nietzsche better than her peers, not to mention other porn stars.

    “The notion that a porn star can garner a loyal following of men based on her intellectual candle power is fascinating to me.”

    Men have always been attracted to intelligent prostitutes (see the hetaerae in ancient Greece).

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    I once went to an exhibit of experimental painting at MOMA. There was one painting I’ll never forget. It was all white paint, layered on very thickly with a palette, with large amounts of brown pubic hair stuck on while the paint was still wet. It was a rather large painting, and I recall wondering how many individual contributions it had taken. Whether it was art is something we might debate (I would say no).

  • deborah

    a mat of paint and random pubic hair is fundamentally different than a lover’s token of their intimate relationship. I would agree that what you saw was not art.

  • PuffsPlus

    Susan, I think your title was disingenuous. I thought you were going to talk about general issues of “feminine hygiene”, not just pubic hair. Better title: “Hair Care for Down THERE”.

  • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

    Puffs Plus:

    Well, I did say grooming, not hygeine. I think of the two very differently. In any case, sorry to disappoint – was there a feminine hygeine question you wanted answered?

  • Aldonza

    He was allegedly so shocked by his discovery of his wife Effie’s pubic hair that he rejected her, and the marriage was later legally annulled.

    The man was a borderline pedophile. He fell in love with Effie when she was 12, and later fell in love with a 9yo.

  • anonymous- won’t spoil the surprise

    Men who express a preference for bare vaginas give me the creeps. That is a fact.

    I once shaved to please a lover and then experienced the most painful sex of my life complete with ingrown hairs and a rash that stung for the next 24 hours. FUCK THAT.

    Everything in the splash zone gets a regular trim. Everything else gets to grow 70′s style until it starts getting caught in things. I have tried both ways and will not change my mind on this. I happen to think 70′s bush is awesome on both men and women and I will never require a man to shave his balls for me.

    • http://www.hookingupsmart.com Susan Walsh

      I’ve been recently seeing more men expressing a preference for the natural bush, with some trimming to neaten things up. I also find a guy who shaves his pubic hair off really, really strange looking. I wouldn’t request shaved balls either, but having raised a son, I can tell you that baby balls are so soft and smooth – I wouldn’t mind if they stayed that way.

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