Have We Had Enough Feminism Yet?

June 8, 2011

From Marginal Revolution, The Great (Male) Stagnation, with two sobering graphics:


WHY? Economists can’t explain it, it’s still a matter of conjecture. Alex Tabarrok’s thoughts:

  • The big difference between female and males as far as jobs, of course, has been labor force participation rates, increasing strongly for the former and decreasing somewhat for the latter. Most of the female change, however, was over by the mid to late 1980s, and the (structural) male change has been gradual.
  • Female education levels have increased dramatically and male levels have been relatively flat.
  • Females are also more predominant in services and males in manufacturing: plumbers, car mechanics, carpenters, construction workers,  electricians,  and firefighters, for example are still 95%+ male.
Why should you care? Because you want to marry a man who earns at least as much as you do, if not more. Who reads the same books, enjoys the same movies and craves the same foods. Lifestyle and interests reflect disposable income and education. If you can’t find that, you’re much, much less likely to marry.

The “Great Male Stagnation” is an enormous threat to our way of life. Relationships and marriage will suffer if we do not remedy it. No society can thrive if its men fail. Obviously.