New Census Data on American Marriage

August 26, 2011

Some interesting highlights from the new census data on marriage, just out:


If the current age trends continue, the median age for women should be around 30 in twenty years. Tick tock, tick tock.


Go west, young women, go west. If I were single I’d go get me a cowboy just like The Pioneer Woman did. At the very least I’d consider Austin, TX. The northeast looks like a cold and lonely place to spend the winter. Or a place to spend time with men who are not the marrying kind.



Note: This last chart represents couples, not married partners.

Same-sex couples are .77%? I would have guessed it was much higher. 1.8% of respondents identified as bisexual (and well over half were women). 1.7% of respondents identified as lesbian or gay. (link here) The Williams Institute (University of California) believes that 15% of same-sex couples declined to identify, and 25% of the counted same-sex couples are heterosexual couples who checked the wrong box. (Pat Buchanan, anyone?)