The Best Way to Let a Guy Know You Like Him

May 11, 2012



It turns out that was actually a guy dressed in a clown suit looking for love. But she wasn’t talking to him. So as always, everyone was sad but the dumb guy. -Will

Employing a strategy of Coy Flirtation isn’t the best move in today’s dating and mating environment. While it’s not a guarantee (see above), being direct is the most effective way of showing interest in a man. Promiscuous women are generally quite practiced at this, but women preferring a more traditional approach to sex and relationships may be sending signals too weak to pick up. 

Based on societal changes in women’s roles and changes in women’s attitudes toward dating behavior women were expected to be likely to approach men. Additionally, based on prior research examining women’s role in flirting, a significant effect for type of opening line was hypothesized. Opening lines that directly indicate an interest in dating were expected to be perceived as most effective and most direct by both men and women.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree: What’s the best way for a woman to show interest in a man?