How to Get a Boyfriend in College

July 3, 2013

Happy Couple ShoppingThe first and most critical step to finding a relationship in college is choosing a guy who’s capable of and interested in having one. Avoid wasting time, emotional energy (and a number!) on guys who are not relationship material. 

Take this quiz and see where you should be investing your effort.

1. You see him walking around campus in a t-shirt. Printed on the chest is:

a. Greek letters (-2 points)

b. Varsity __________ (-1 point)

c. The name of a band from the 80s, e.g. The Smiths (+1 point)

d. A political cause or slogan (+2 points)

2. He eats lunch with:

a. A roving band of marauders (-2 points)

b. One particular girl (-1 point)

c. A couple of guys (+1 point)

d. It varies – sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend or two, sometimes he joins a group (+2 points)

3. Where you met:

a. At a frat party (-2 points)

b. He approached you randomly (-1 point)

c. In class (+1 point)

d. Freshman Orientation (+2 points)

4. His class year:

a. Senior (-2 points)

b. Junior (-1 point)

c. Sophomore (+1 point)

d. Freshman (+2 points)

5. What month is it?

a. April (-2 points)

b. September (-1 point)

c. November (+1 point)

d. February (+2 points) 

6. You’ve seen him at the library:

a. Never (-2 points)

b. During finals (-1 point)

c. Every time you’re there (+1 point)

d. Occasionally (+2 points)

7. He plays a college sport:

a. Football, Lacrosse, Basketball (-2 points)

b. Division 1 anything (-1 point)

c. Co-ed club sport (+1 point)

d. Track, Crew, Tennis (+2 points)

 8. Number of alcoholic drinks he consumes per weekend:

a. 15-30 (-2 points)

b. 10-14 (-1 point)

c. 0-4 (+1 point)

d. 5-9 (+2 points)

9. When you make eye contact and smile, he:

a. Smirks (-2 points)

b. Looks bored (-1 point)

c. Comes running over (+1 point)

d. Holds eye contact, smiles back, and nods (+2 points)

10. In a group setting he:

a. Mostly ignores you until late in the evening (-2 points)

b. Says Be Right Back 3 or more times (-1 point)

c. Stays by your side (+1 point)

d. Socializes among a group of his friends and yours (+2 points)

11. He suggests hanging out:

a. In his room, now (-2 points)

b. By meeting up when you’re out next weekend (-1 point)

c. At a specific event (+1 point)

d. During the daytime (+2 points)

12. He expresses his attraction to you by saying:

a. “You can suck my dick if you want.” (-2 points)

b. “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” (-1 point)

c. “I’m really attracted to you.” (+1 point)

d. Doesn’t say anything, but actions send a clear message. (+2 points)

13. His first attempt at physical contact is:

a. Grinding on you from behind (-2 points)

b. Spontaneous makeout session (-1 point)

c. Goodnight kiss (+1 point)

d. Hand holding (+2 points)

14. His attitude about relationships:

a. Just wants to have fun (-2 points)

b. Just got out of one (-1 point)

c. Wants one (+1 point)

d. Would commit to the right girl (+2 points)

15. Long-term career goals:

a. That’s not why he’s at college (-2 points)

b. Be on stage (-1 point)

c. Brain intensive and in high demand, e.g. Technology, Finance, MD, etc. (+1 point)

d. Entrepreneur (+2 points)

Total Points:

-30 to -15: You’re addicted to douchebags. Good luck with that.

-15 to 0: He’s ambivalent at best. The long-term forecast is not favorable.

0-15: He’s a good guy who has healthy relationships and would consider dating you. Let him know you’re interested.

15-30: He’s a catch. Grab on and don’t let go – Hard to Get is a poor strategy.