An Opportunity to Weigh In on Dating

September 9, 2016

Longtime reader and journalist Jenna Birch has a book deal! I plan to participate as an expert source, and you have the opportunity to add your voice to Jenna’s research as well:

Everyone in your life thinks you’re a catch, and can’t understand why you remain eternally single. Or end up in a slew of bad relationships. Men come on strong, then ghost you — sometimes only to come back in a few weeks and start the process again. Or they hang out on the periphery of your life and can never seem to decide if they want to be with you. Or they become insecure over time, emotionally distancing themselves until the relationship breaks. You can’t figure out if you’re too picky, or critical — labels frequently assigned to you to explain your problems — and are starting to wonder if you’re inherently undesirable. My forthcoming dating book seeks to answer the “full package” woman’s modern dating problems combining research, anecdotes and expert commentary about culture today. And to deliver the best book possible, I need you.
If you feel like dating has left you with more questions than answers, I want to talk to you. Or if you used to feel that way, and you’ve now found the fulfilling relationship you’ve always wanted (but still feel strongly about the issues plaguing daters looking for love today), I also want to hear from you! Please email me at if you’re interested in being interviewed for my book. (Note: If you are interested in speaking with me and would like to receive a pseudonym for anonymity, please don’t hesitate to let me know.)
Congratulations to Jenna, I can’t wait to see the finished product!
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