Acting Shy, Looking Weird and Feeling Grateful

A roundup of interesting tidbits:

1. Be You

What I find interesting about this video is that is strikes me as so true – I do this all the time. Yet this is also the age of the selfie. I suspect that most of us don’t want our image recorded when we haven’t prepared fully with makeup, hair styling, etc. We see a huge gap between our polished selves and our everyday selves, and we don’t want anyone to see the latter, even though that’s how we look most of the time.

2. Some interesting findings on physical attractiveness:

Older dads, funny-looking kids

NOTE TO SINGLE LADIES: A handsome older man may seem like a good catch, but your children may not look quite so nice. Austrian researchers analyzed data on people who graduated from Wisconsin high schools in 1957, including ratings of the attractiveness of their yearbook photos. They found that the age of people’s fathers at their birth, but not the age of their mothers, was negatively associated with attractiveness. The researchers theorize that a man is more liable to pass on mutations as he (and his sperm production process) ages, and, they say, “our results thus support the view that mutations are expressed in facial attractiveness.”

Huber, S. & Fieder, M., “Advanced Paternal Age Is Associated with Lower Facial Attractiveness,” Evolution and Human Behavior (forthcoming).

We knew that older dads pass on autism and psychiatric disorders, but this is the first study I’ve seen  mutations that degrade looks. 

Is Symmetry a Valid Standard of Beauty?

One of the primary indicator of “good genes,” according to evolutionary psychologists, is physical symmetry. It suggests better prenatal development and fewer mutations. But that does necessarily mean the person is attractive?

Fashion photographer Alex John Beck recently decided to test the symmetrical theory of attractiveness by photographing regular people and then making symmetrical versions of each person’s face, by using first the left and then the right side. 

Beck took a portrait of each person and then divided it into the left and right side of the face. Then he mirrored each to create symmetrical portraits from each side.

Beck’s results are definitely odd and a little disconcerting. 

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Apparently, the subjects found the process upsetting. Beck doesn’t provide any photos of the actual person – he wanted to focus on the differences between these perfectly symmetrical faces. You can find the rest of the portraits HERE.

3. Claire at Beacon Street Chic asks:

Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?


She’s inspired me to take up the challenge – post one photo a day of something that makes you happy. I’m using Instagram – you can follow me at instagram.com/susanawalsh

This is only my second day, and already I feel such gratitude! Why not take up the challenge? Share your account and let’s all follow one another!


Today’s First Graders Understand the Principle of Least Interest

And they’re not taking any chances.



Source: cheezburger.com


Beacon Street Chic: A Great New Blog



Something a little different today! A fabulous new lifestyle blog written by the most amazing young woman!

Who happens to be my daughter. :)

Longtime readers of Hooking Up Smart know that I began the blog to help my 19 year-old daughter navigate the wild and crazy sexual marketplace that is college hookup culture. That was five years ago, and today she’s an independent and thriving young woman. She makes a great Exhibit A for the advice I dispense here, if I do say so myself. 

So the moment has arrived when I no longer need to protect her privacy by referring to her as Little Miss HUS and keeping her identity hidden. She is Claire. 

Beacon Street Chic covers style, food, DIY, decor and entertaining. It’s also a love letter to Boston, which serves as the beautiful backdrop. I’m wowed by what Claire has managed to put together in only one week of posting – you will be too.

Click the header to check it out, and be sure to subscribe for updates!

Beacon Street Chic


Let’s Dish: One Thing Guys Can Do to Be More Attractive

georgeThere’s a funny thread on Women of Reddit started by a guy looking for tips:

Women of reddit: what’s one simple thing that (straight) men could do to help their appearance and look more attractive?

Some of the funniest comments are from males, like the guy who confesses to junk funk, ew.

Here are some of the top suggestions:

Wear clean underwear if you expect sex. Dear gods, please.

Stop spraying cologne on jeans that haven’t been washed for a month.

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Half of Single Men and Women Say They’re Not Getting Enough Sex

whiskey dickI’m posted up in bed today with a bad cold – finally I get to do the blogger thing of staying in PJs all day! Anyway, yesterday while getting my hair cut I browsed through Glamour and found one very interesting tidbit from their annual sex survey of 2,600 single men and women. Don’t take it too seriously – you know how these magazines are – but I found this interesting:

Why Aren’t You Having Sex?

Who says they’re not getting enough?

48% of women

56% of men

Why not?


  1. Reaching orgasm takes too long.
  2. Partner not as horny as me.
  3. Two-year-old in our bed.
  4. Want more than a fuckbuddy.
  5. Live with my mom.
  6. He’s grouchy all the time.
  7. I can’t find anyone hot enough.


  1. No game.
  2. I’m a fat bastard.
  3. I guess I’m not dashing enough.
  4. Whiskey dick.
  5. Hell if I know.
  6. Not in a relationship.
  7. A cocktail of pickiness and eccentricity.
  8. I got dumped.
  9. Spent six months in the woods.
  10. Hookers expensive.

Does any of this surprise  you? 

I’m surprised the numbers are as close as they are. My own sense is that both sexes share the same struggles and complaints. However, the male responses are more passive and indistinct, which is odd given their allegedly higher sex drive.