Five Ways Players Lie to Get Sex

Players lieThere are no nice players, there are only dads and cads. All players are cads.

There are men of good character who attract a lot of women. Let’s call them Handsome Dads. They conduct their relationships openly and honestly. While dating a Handsome Dad comes with its own challenges, e.g., mate poaching attempts!, these men do not exhibit the sociopathic tendencies of the Player.

The Player seeks to prove his worth as a man by acquiring as many sex partners as possible. While the Player is most likely to succeed with habitually promiscuous women, he is most anxious to demonstrate that he is capable of getting “good girls.” In the bad old days when Players frequently commented here at HUS, their sole concern was to dispel any notion that they were getting with “sluts,” despite considerable evidence to the contrary.

However, the Player has a problem. The “good girls” he wants to count among his conquests look for signals of sincere attachment and a willingness to commit. The Player cannot advertise his preference for Hit It & Quit It and still succeed with his desired “target.”

There is only one way the Player can get what he wants. The Player is a liar. [Read more...]


Friday Links: Midsummer Edition

1. This video is too charming for words. How’s that for an early display of biological sex differences?

2. 5 Dating Truths That Prove You’re Not Doomed to a Lifetime of Meaningless Hookups

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The Millennials Dating Script Gets a Rewrite

traditional datingH/T to MM

Boston College professor Jesse Cronin offers her students an opportunity to earn extra credit in her Perspectives on Western Culture class. The assignment is simple but far from easy: Ask someone out on a date.

Cronin says this all came together for her during a lecture she gave about the campus hookup culture eight years ago. She says she was nervously anticipating controversial questions about sex and intimacy, but instead one student asked, “How would you ask someone on a date?”

As she began to answer, the questioner became more specific: “Like, the actual words.”

The Millennials don’t have a dating script. They’re game to try it, they just need to learn their lines first. I’ve written before about young people wanting to date and have committed relationships. They clearly do. “63 percent of college-age men and 83 percent of college-age women, would prefer a traditional relationship to an uncommitted sexual one, one study found.”

But students lack the script that accompanies social norms. Here’s why:

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Female Economic Independence Changes Attitudes Toward Promiscuity

women networkingThe titillatingly titled article Why Some People Get Enraged When Women Have Sex in NY Magazine reports on an interesting pair of new studies. Female Economic Dependence and the Morality of Promiscuity (Price, Pound and Scott, 2014) asked 5K Americans what they believe about promiscuity both male and female.

They then analyzed the correlation between those views and female economic dependence within the subjects’ own social circles. Female median income alone explained male and female attitudes towards promiscuity.

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Friday Link Roundup: Let’s Celebrate Independence

Here are some links worth reading!

I’ll be away on vacation next week, and will return Tuesday, July 8.

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1. Woman Photoshops Her Headshot To Portray The Standard Of Beauty In 25 Different Countries

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