The Insidious, Intractable Problem of Street Harassment

Street harassment of women is ubiquitous. It never stops and no one is ever immune. God help me, yesterday I got harassed at Costco by a guy half my age while looking at car mats!

“Baby, I’ma take you on a nice ride.”

Obviously, the only conceivable motive was to make me feel uncomfortable. And it worked – I was in a remote corner of the store and I felt scared. I fled without picking up the item I needed.

The defense that this is a form of compliment is totally bogus – the guy wore a smirk and clearly enjoyed my discomfort. It’s a form of bullying.

This short documentary on street harassment features a former Miss District of Columbia and is worth a watch.

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Yay, Male Bloggers Urge Clueless Dudes to Man Up

man upThere’s been a plethora of male bloggers urging their fellow men to “man up” and start going on dates. Women have been watching from the sidelines, frankly thankful that men are stepping into the fray to coach their ineffectual brethren.

As usual, the denizens of the manosphere have their tighty whities in a twist, shouting “What’s in it for men? Waaah, waaah, what’s in it for me?”

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Are Women More Emotional Than Men?

The difference between us
Is way down on the inside
Its very tricky business
No baby I
No baby I
No baby I dont want to see you hurt
You got them tears
They fall like pearls
Blame it on gravity, yeah
Blame it on being a girl
Blame it on gravity, yeah
Blame it on being a girl

Rhett Miller, Old 97s, No Baby I

Are women more emotional than men? I recently joked about this and ruffled a few feathers among readers. In my mind the question was essentially a no-brainer, but I admit I’ve never studied it. I decided to find out what the research shows about gender differences in emotions. I learned some interesting things and want to share them with you.

A 1998 study at Vanderbilt University found that men and women feel emotions similarly but express them very differently.

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Time to Get Smart About Back to School Shopping

Living in Boston, I often have the opportunity to play surrogate mom to friends’ kids who move here to attend college. I enjoy helping them settle in, having them to dinner, and bringing them chicken soup when they’re sick. I’ve always loved Back to School season, so even though my own children are done with school, I look forward to opportunities to vicariously shop for supplies, furnish dorm rooms and stock the mini fridge with comfort foods. This week I’ve taken Bessie under my wing, happily driving her around and running Back to School errands together.

Although Bessie’s mom had given her an American Express card for living expenses, she wasn’t aware of Amex Offers, a card member benefit that can save her a lot of money as she stocks up for the school year. I showed Bessie how to link her card to Amex Offers on Facebook and Twitter. We also downloaded the Amex app to her phone. Immediately, Bessie found a full roster of Offers based on past spending patterns and her new Boston location. By tapping once on each relevant Offer, she quickly saved on purchases from Bed Bath & Beyond and Whole Foods. That’s it – no coupons or codes. When she makes a purchase at either of those stores with her Amex card, the savings will automatically be applied to her monthly statement.

Nautica comforterIt didn’t take long for us to rack up some nice savings. At Bed Bath and Beyond Bessie chose an adorable Nautica striped comforter in a Nantucket red stripe. We then popped into Whole Foods, where she stocked up on healthy snacks and coconut water for study sessions in the dorm. When we finished our errands, I took Bessie out for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, where I used an Amex Offer I had on my own phone. Between the two of us, we saved $25 on $175 – a 14% kickback on purchases we would have made anyway. Not bad!

You should know that this is a sponsored post, the first one I’ve ever done! I am frequently asked to write promotional posts, but this is the first time where I have been able to do so as an enthusiastic believer in the product. I have been an Amex Card Member since 1981. I highly recommend the Green card product, as it must be paid in full each month. It’s an excellent way to build a good credit rating without going into debt. The member benefits are excellent, including automatic extension of warranties and 90 days coverage for accidental damage or theft. Amex Offers is an exciting addition to an already attractive package. It’s a no brainer – a smart financial decision. Deals are curated to your preferences and location. You can check for Offers anytime on your phone and add one with the tap of a finger. No other action is required! The savings will show up automatically on your statement. Tons of Offers are available – Card Members have saved over $90 million so far.

What do you like most about Amex Offers? Leave a comment to enter to win a $100 AMEX gift card! Amex will select the winner randomly, so be sure to use a legit email address.


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Solving the Puzzle of the Intermittent Texter

Venn Diagram of Texting.001Hello Susan,

Is there any chance you can discuss communication and text messaging conversations? I know this is such a common issue amongst people today, you are having a text conversation with someone you like and then they suddenly fall off the face of the earth. The response may be hours or days later. 

I have been having this issue with some boy for a while. I personally really do not like text messaging, and prefer communicating face to face. With his text messaging, I know that he has his phone with him but he will initiate a conversation with me and then I won’t hear from him for hours later. It is really quite the mind trap for me. 
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