January 2, 2015


Free 15-minute initial consultation via phone or Skype.

30 minute session: $75

60 minute session: $149

Discounted packages:

4-week commitment: $499

12-week commitment: $1,200

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Dating is strategic. So should you be.

I founded Hooking Up Smart to help young women cope with the confusing and discouraging hookup culture they experienced as they graduated from high school and started college.

In six years HUS has grown into a vibrant blog and supportive community, and I’ve been privileged to help countless women who don’t know how to get the relationship they want. Reassured by friends and family that It will happen when you least expect it and Everything happens for a reason, they fall into a passive, frustrated mindset.

They don’t know what steps to take to improve their love lives, so they wait for love to find them. They may try online dating from time to time, or hope that they’ll meet someone randomly as they go about living the single life. Of course, those approaches may work, but they leave too much to chance.

What sets apart successful people in all areas of life is knowledge, focus and a refusal to quit. They go out and get what they want, or they try to. When they fail, they analyze what went wrong and they get back out there until they succeed.

As a Wharton MBA and strategy consultant for over 30 years, I’ve helped corporate clients both large and small to:

  • Set realistic objectives.
  • Assess the competitive environment.
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Craft strategies to meet challenges.
  • Implement strategic plans to improve performance.

This very same strategic process of planning and implementation works very well for dating! Let’s get started on your personal Strategic Dating Plan. Don’t wait for love to happen to you!

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Let’s discuss how I can help:

Free 15-minute initial consultation via phone or Skype.

Additional 30 minute sessions: $75

Additional 60 minute sessions: $149

Discounted packages:

4-week commitment: $499

12-week commitment: $1,200

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