Why Nice Guys Ignore the Girls They Like

June 11, 2009


I found this bit of humor at Buzzfeed, but I suspect  know that many guys would call it 100% accurate. We call them jerks and douchebags, but we go for them anyway, don’t we? If we didn’t they’d be forced to stop acting so nasty to get laid. Do we force nice guys into last place?

I hear from a fair number of  young men who are just as frustrated as many of you are in the search to find meaningful relationships. One reader here commented that when he got to college and acted like the nice guy he really is, he got nowhere. Not until he assumed the identity of Selfish Prick did he start scoring with the ladies. So this post is dedicated to Douche Baguettes everywhere. You’re guilty because you keep sending the message to men that they need to be cruel and uncaring in order to get anywhere with you. You know who you are, and I want you to tell me why you do it. Let me say up front that many lovely women get blindsided by a bad boy once. Maybe twice. After that, you have a lot to answer for.

The British have a saying:  “Be mean, keep ’em keen.” Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot time and again?

Here are the most common explanations for why women fall for guys who treat them poorly:


Jerks have many qualities that are attractive to women.

  • There’s the mystery surrounding a troubled soul or an enigmatic rebel.
  • They exude confidence, though upon closer inspection it is really arrogance.
  • They are extraverts.
  • They have a lot of charm, i.e. player skills.
  • They appear passionate. Usually, they are most passionate about fulfilling their own needs.
  • Their intense pursuit is flattering and makes women feel special and desirable.


It’s a challenge.

  • Women feel that any love worth having should be earned first.
  • They enjoy outplaying a guy (or trying to) at his own game.
  • Jerks keep us guessing; we can’t decipher them.
  • On the flip side, nice guys are boring and predictable. 


Women have a “fixer-upper” complex.

  • They look into a guy’s soul and see more than he is showing of himself, and they become hooked on the idea of getting him to open up.
  • A flawed man gives this type of woman someone to work on and mold. They wind up viewing the jerk as someone who is misunderstood and unloved, a lurking lonely soul.


 It’s emotional.

  • Women feel excited, disappointed, and confused. The rush of emotions is exciting and addictive.
  • The process inevitably follows this pattern:

1. Jerk shows interest.
2. When woman returns interest, jerk draws back and appears nonchalant.
3. Jerk waits until woman is confused, then provides attention.
4. Repeat.


Weak women attract jerks.

  • A jerk will not waste his time on a woman he knows respects herself. He preys on the vulnerable.
  • It requires two parties with low self-esteem. The jerk uses a bad boy demeanor as his cover. His snide remarks and sarcasm are defense mechanisms.


Selfish women choose jerks.

  • They are just as shallow, prioritizing pursuit and excitement over a real connection.


Women subconsciously replicate their childhoods.

  • If a key male figure in your life was a jerk, you’ll seek out jerks for relationships as an adult.


Dating a jerk is the best way to avoid getting into a long-term relationship.

  • Until you are ready to settle down with a sweet guy to have babies with, why not have fun with a jerk? Maybe even be a jerk?


It’s a vicious cycle.

  • Women are attracted to jerks, form relationships with them, and then try to justify their choice by seeing things in them that no one else can.


Do these reasons ring true, or is there something else going on? Carole Lieberman, MD, coauthor of Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them, and When to Leave Them says:

“They can be unpredictable, dishonest, or downright mean, but scoundrels have always had an undeniable appeal to us–an erotic edge of danger that’s hard to resist.” 

As long as women choose jerks, there will be nice guys converting to jerkdom, especially if they’ve been dumped for a jerk. Nice guys who admit to employing this strategy don’t like it much; they say it’s exhausting to act like a jerk all the time. Let’s give the nice guys a break. Look deeper. Don’t settle. Respect yourself. All of womankind will thank you for it.

Have you ever dated a jerk? How’d that go? Are you cured?

Update: Though it’s no longer feasible to answer each and every question on old posts, I encourage you to post your question at the Forum, where I and other readers can see it an respond:



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  1. I like my jerks just fine thank you! I am pretty sure that I subconsciously pick jerks no matter how consciously I try to pick nice guys. So right now I am picking nothing. I am just letting those berries ripen in their own bush.

    Also, when I try to think of a nice guy, I have a hard time really thinking of one. There was one guy I dated who was very nice and very sweet and very good in bed. He was perfect. He is getting married next month to a very cute girl-next-door type. Anyways. He was nice and he also was a little spoiled and a little boring. He didn’t get me.

    I am a little bit of a bad girl so I think that the bad guys get me more. I feel like we have more in common. What I need to find is a bad guy who is responsible. An ex bad guy. A grown up Johnny Depp.

  2. I like my jerks just fine thank you! I am pretty sure that I subconsciously pick jerks no matter how consciously I try to pick nice guys. So right now I am picking nothing. I am just letting those berries ripen in their own bush.

    Also, when I try to think of a nice guy, I have a hard time really thinking of one. There was one guy I dated who was very nice and very sweet and very good in bed. He was perfect. He is getting married next month to a very cute girl-next-door type. Anyways. He was nice and he also was a little spoiled and a little boring. He didn’t get me.

    I am a little bit of a bad girl so I think that the bad guys get me more. I feel like we have more in common. What I need to find is a bad guy who is responsible. An ex bad guy. A grown up Johnny Depp.

    • susanawalsh says:

      “In the law-of-attraction kind of way, I am attracted to sane stable people who are a little bit unusual. In the sexual attraction kind of way, I am attracted to idiots and psychos.”


      Haha! Your wit and wisdom follow you! I think Johnny Depp is the personification of sane, stable, unusual. That seems like a good way to go. But why does nice always = boring? Can’t a guy be nice and witty? Nice and spontaneous? I just don’t get why that is always a null set! (Uh oh, I think the null set concept might be from the New Math of the 1960s. Ouch.) Nice and good in bed, though–sounds like a keeper, though maybe not a match.

  3. VJ says:

    Here’s the thing. Those nice, ‘boring people’? They do find each other. Even the really smart ones. And they do eventually marry. Some sooner than later. This leaves the dating pool evidently filled with ‘players’, who, well like to ‘play’. Sometimes that takes time to work out for both sexes. But naturally the time frame for the women is a bit foreshortened if they desire to have kids. If so the smarter & realistic among them actually figure out all this ‘stuff’ fast. They have few problems discerning the ‘real/decent’ prospects from the rest of the players poseurs. And it’s really not that difficult to do, mostly. Grandma & great Grandma might have been able to do it w/o any degrees, graduate or otherwise, and dealing with much smaller effective population sizes, (due to natural transportation limitations).

    But everyone is mystified about why it takes ‘so long’ for the educated ‘middling’ classes to meet, mate & marry. Again it’s a Revolution of Rising Expectations. There’s always got to be a better looking, sexier, wealthier prospect coming down the pike, and I might miss him/her if I’m otherwise engaged. And now that I’m highly educated I think I deserve better than what momma had, and I know better than her what I really want in a mate.

    Still, strangely enough, if we’re just talking Biology here and mating strategies, (as in the production of offspring), there are plenty of ‘alternative’ strategies being played out in any population. Look to the Demographics. Why so many teen pregnancies & births, (especially among certain populations)? Someone has made a very careful & perhaps even cunning calculation that their desirability as a successful romantic partner is peaking at their peak/prime fertility years, right @ HS age. Now that may sound silly and quite precarious to most of us in the middling classes, but it nevertheless may be the truth given the dismal marriage prospects in many communities. They may eventually marry, but perhaps only when grannies themselves. Ditto for the rising rates of single moms by choice later on in their 30’s & 40’s.

    The rest of what you describe here sounds wholly plausible, but of course applies mostly to our select population of perhaps college educated, middle class kids. Or for those in college. That’s a pretty select population too. Granted it’s getting larger all the time and is well reflected in the media, but this is not the only way people interact. The nice folks? They too eventually figure the game out, and are married off early if they’ve got any decent game at all. The rest? They provide nice fodder for those ‘rebound’ relationships whereby you can pick up a 2nd wife/hubby that makes the 1st ones look like the ogres they may have been.

    Me? I never had any idea of what the games were or how they were played. Neither did the wife. She mostly did not stand for it. So it was pretty straight forward for us, I recognize it’s gotten a bit more difficult for many reasons, but there’s still folks getting together everyday using pretty simple rules that any dog trainer might be able to impart. No, Really. Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  4. ThePeachTart says:

    I was addicted to bad boy jerks for most of my dating life. Interestingly, I do have male abuse issues from my childhood. I finally got weary of it and realized I deserve better. I found a good guy with a twist. He is stable, caring and dependable, but he is also creative (computer nerd and my web designer), plays in a band, his intellect is off the charts, he’s funny and good in bed. His Mama taught him how to treat a woman and he learned the lessons well. I realize I’m lucky but had to be open to giving him a chance and being open to be treated respectfully.

    • susanawalsh says:

      Oh, Peach Tart, I really appreciate your openness and honesty! For the record, I think Mr. Peach Tart sounds like the WHOLE PACKAGE–funny, good in bed, smart, caring, dependable, stable, creative, musical. Wow. Congrats on winning the mating lottery!

  5. VJ says:

    Precisely. Eventually all (OK Most) of the ‘bad boy addicts’ grow up (hey the 40’s are rough on everyone!), and they begin to learn to choose better and more wisely. It’s not exactly rocket science. The ‘good guys’? They’re all around you. Most of the time they’re pretty patient & understanding too. Just a bit under appreciated & perhaps under utilized. Your loss (of bad boy attentions) is their gain & it’s a ‘win ‘win’ for everyone. Case solved! But yes, plenty of it comes from unresolved issues from childhood too. Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  6. VJ says:

    A fine example of ‘mass marketing’ for the big date & Yes the entire community is involved in the project:


    Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  7. Margo says:

    I think there is a lot to the emotional issue, as well as the point that women often feel that real love can only be earned. It does seem anthropological – females drive to vie for the alpha male… I think that’s why maturity can help – we start using our heart and mind and not just our instincts. Great discussion!

    • susanawalsh says:

      Margo, thanks so much for coming by and leaving a comment! I agree that it is instinctive in many ways – the alpha male would seem to have the most survival skills. Also I think it is just part of human nature that we enjoy a challenge. I think I am particularly prone to “fixer-upper complex.” I find it addictive when a normally closed down man shows his emotional side or vulnerability.

      I think you’re also right about maturity. That goes for the guys too – I think there are many who act like jerks when they are young and wanting to impress their buddies with their conquests, who will eventually mature and grow out of that behavior. The ones that remain bad boys forever are truly toxic!

  8. VJ says:

    Still wasting time, this time from Health care things. More Flying Squads on more urgent things.

    Be that as it may. Your sources? Probably need some beefing up too. Start with Prof. Stephanie Coontz: & her really informative book on the History of Marriage & LTR’s:

    “Marriage, A History: From Obedience to Intimacy, or How Love Conquered Marriage” 2005, based on her 30 some years of research, teaching & wring on the topic.


    She’s also got plenty of valuable articles here:


    Here’s some other professional sources on research into Marriage & marriage formation:


    And here from Rutgers’ their famously long lived Marriage Project:


    Some of this research is yes, more from a ‘conservative bent & perspective’ so everyone needs to use it critically. But the numbers, facts, trends and demographics are there to spark debate. It’s up to everyone to try and help interpret what’s actually going on out there in the ‘wild’.

    But other than ‘fun’, mostly while younger, ‘hooking up’ is hopefully, ideally leading ‘someplace’. Eventually both parties will agree on that, mostly. There are a few exceptions, but this smaller group of the ‘never marrieds’ (~20%) are expanding. True, some folks will never marry, but they remain in the minority, and are yes, mostly considered ‘unfortunate’ unless fairly wealthy and independently successful in other venues. Very, very few will never have been in a ‘significant’ or valuable ‘LTR’ or touched by similar experiences that can not be classed as more than merely ‘hooking up’ .

    So I realize your aims here, but just strongly offering ideas about battling the ‘fun hookup culture’ really has to be about a larger frame here too. We just can’t keep screaming that ‘ice cream (sex, even casual) is Bad for you!’ It’s also about goals and aims and about future direction, which is very hard to inculcate into any 20 something’s mindset. And those that ‘get it’? They typically don’t need much advice except for the introductions part perhaps. But maybe that’s wishful thinking too. But plenty of this has some serious economic history & demographic implications too, naturally. Not to worry or obsess over, but to recognize that life changes for everyone, especially our children & other newer generations.

    I think mostly many of these past changes have been demonstrably positive for most women, economically, socially, physically & even emotionally. There’s more variety, more & better choices about more things, and more opportunity in almost every respect than there was even 25 years ago for most American women. Prof Coontz would agree with that premise too. The devil is how to cope with all the massive changes that are coming so quickly. And it’s a wilderness of unknowns out there, and naturally our children are left to navigate it as best they can. Often without much good or sensible advice. The ‘new abstinence’ movement is really not the answer for most, as even most very religious people will have had premarital sex (90%+). Hooking up smarter is a good start, but behavioral economics tells us that even very well informed people can do some foolish things. And that’s just with money & investments. When it comes to the monumental and elemental pull of sex and that cute dreamy B/G? I really do fear that many of us are doomed to repeat some very poor choices, and only regret them much later & slowly at our leisure. Naturally we have a word for those people. They’re Retired! (But even that does not stop some of them from renewing their afflictions & unwise affections!)

    Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  9. AverageFrustratedChump says:

    I’m one of those nice guys, unfortunately.

    Having been brought up in a single parent household by my feminist mother, I learned
    very early on the importance of respecting women. I’m smart, funny, caring and have a
    lot of other ‘nice’ qualities women CLAIM to be looking for in a man, when asked.

    Let’s just say being nice hasn’t proved to be that effective, which is becoming painfully
    clear to me. My last girlfriend left me after three months to go back to the jerk
    ex-boyfriend who had severely mistreated her for seven years.

    I really hate having to change the way I behave to be more successful romantically,
    but as an experiment I’m going to try some of the proven pickup artist techniques.. putting girls down to spark attraction, seeing multiple girls at once, ignoring her, being
    cocky/funny etc.

    Whether I’ll convert to complete jerkdom remains to be seen – I’m hoping less will do 🙂

    • susanawalsh says:

      Oy, I hate to lose another guy to the Douchebag team. I understand it, though. That’s why I do call women out on their choices. I really hate the PUA stuff, though. OK, maybe that will get you laid, but if you ever want something real with a girl, you’re going to find that you’ve wound up with a girl who has low self-esteem, and you’re not going to be able to respect her.

      I’m gonna trust, though, that ultimately you will be your sweet self, the boy your wonderful mama raised, and you will find someone who wants every bit of your natural niceness!

      Thanks for commenting, women really need to hear this from guys. And let me know if the PUA techniques work for ya.

      • AverageFrustratedChump says:

        I don’t like PUA techniques either and I really don’t want to become one of those shallow PUA-people – some of whom become really messed up from playing The Game.

        I guess I’m just really tired of trying to be my honest, nice self to little avail while seeing these guys hook up with lots of girls using their deceptive ways while basically treating them like dirt.

        I’ll give it all some thought before doing anything drastic. The more I think about it, the more I don’t want to go down that road. It might sound strange coming from a guy, but I would much prefer a serious relationship to ‘meaningless’ sex.

        Maybe I’m just feeling particularly bitter and frustrated after my girlfriend left. The last thing she told me before going back to her abusive ex was literally “I really don’t want to lose you as a friend – you’re just so incredibly sweet!”. To think I actually considered it..

        • susanawalsh says:

          Ugh, I can’t believe she used that line. That’s selfish. She should want what is best for you, not to have you hanging around feeling badly.

          Hey, listen, I know several hundred women who would probably love to know you! Maybe I should start an online dating site for young people…

        • AverageFrustratedChump says:

          I really appreciate the sentiment, but unless one of them is living in Denmark, it’s going to be a very very long distance relationship 😉

          But happy to know some women out there are actually looking for nice guys. Gives me hope that things might not look so bleak, after all..

        • susanawalsh says:

          Yes, many women really are looking for a great guy. You need to make sure you’re not going for the douche baguettes, though. Keep looking for a nice girl.

          Oh, btw, if you’re Danish, your English is incredible. Or maybe you’re a native English speaker living there – lucky you.

        • AverageFrustratedChump says:

          Good to hear – I’ll keep up the search!

          I’m Danish, so thanks for the compliment! One of the benefits of living in a country with only 5 million inhabitants is having to learn a second and third language, I suppose 🙂

  10. Meg says:

    Wow this is completely true, I am obsessed with this hard ass jerk for forever… and I have no idea why. We finally went on a date… and it was awesome, but he is now ignoring me… and I have no idea why… this has just opened my eyes. I am a strong girl who has confidence in m self and I NEED to get over him. Thanks.

    • Hi Meg, welcome and thanks for leaving a comment. You’re not alone, women love hard ass jerks, as this post demonstrates. However, to ignore someone after a date is just rude. Even if he wasn’t looking for Round 2, there’s no reason he can’t be friendly and polite. You do need to get over him. There are good guys out there – you just need to look around and identify one who can stand up for himself without being a douchebag.

  11. goodguy#4663489 says:

    Very Nice article. I am a nice guy who likes to treat women the right way. Always open doors, comment on the things they think no one notices(hair, nails, shoes). Any way I end up talking to women and they think I am not straight. I also wind up dating women who are in my opinion definitely not good enough for me so I don’t go on more dates. I am kind of old school in practice. I guess I just have to keep dating and try to find “the one”. It is hard to know a woman’s intentions when I ask them out. I am usually straight forward and say what I am looking for then they run. Guess I am at the wrong age to find someone who likes to travel, help others, and do fun things outdoors and together while maintaining healthy lifestyles and keeping active and beautiful? I am 23 and will be a nurse soon. Thank you for the article. And the book I am currently reading is titled “All the Good Ones Aren’t Taken: Change the Way You Date and Find Lasting Love”. I am also reading the book “Wooden”. I recommend both for all people!

    • Hi good guy, welcome! Your treatment of women is admirable, but unfortunately, as this article suggests, you will frequently get the LJBF (Let’s Just Be Friends) treatment from them if you signal interest too early or clearly. Women are attracted to dominant males who we perceive have options, and whose affection and interest must be earned. The good news is that any guy can adjust his behavior to incorporate an understanding of female psychology. If you haven’t heard of Game, you might want to look into that. Here’s a post I wrote about it:


  12. thegirlwholikesniceguys says:

    How can you tell if he is the good-guy-turned-into-a-jerk kind of guy? I’ve been talking to this guy for quite a long time now. I didn’t pay attention much at first. I can’t say I like him yet but I want to get to know him. But then he sometimes just ignore me. Then after a week, that’s when he starts calling me again, everyday sometimes. Then the next week, no word from him at all. It’s just driving me nuts, really. I can’t even tell if he likes me since he’s just like talking to me like he’s my older brother, picking on me or sometimes giving me pieces of advice. But after I read this, ugh, I think that he’s just someone I’d rather ignore, should I? I should start not picking up his calls, right? (by the way, we’re from different parts of the world so we only communicate via phone or chat)

    • Hi, thanks for leaving a question. In general, it’s important for guys to show consistency. I wouldn’t waste any time with a guy who tries to keep you guessing. However, the fact that you are far away from each other is important – even if he wanted a real relationship, how would that happen? It’s not like he can call you every day and move this forward. So he may be wondering to himself what the point of it is. I would say enjoy his friendship, but do not get emotionally invested, if there is little chance of your ever living near one another.

    • verie44 says:

      In my opinion, this is what’s happening: the guy thinks about you and how nice/pretty you are and calls, texts, etc…for a while. Then, one of two things happens.

      1. When you respond, he loses interest because now you’re available (not a good sign for boyfriend material). When you go for a while without speaking, he wonders if you’ve met someone else and tries to get your attention. Repeat.

      2. He meets someone else/gets busy with his life and forgets about you for a while. Until he gets lonely, that person dumps him, or his schedule clears up a bit. This isn’t good either.

      Both scenarios are bad. I’d say FIDO.

  13. thegirlwholikesniceguys says:

    Thanks much Susan! I’ve been reading some of your other posts. I guess I’m just one that has many different issues 😀

    • I’m glad! I hope to see you around on some of the other comment threads. I write about 3 times a week, and some of the newer posts generate many comments, so check it out! We need more women in the mix!

  14. thegirlwholikesniceguys says:

    Yeah I think you’re right. Well, I do think of that some other times but my friends would think the other way around, and they would make me think he is THE nice guy. I should stick on my instinct then instead, yeah? Anyways, I like reading the other posts in here, I’m just new so I’ll just see you around! Thanks again Verie 🙂

    • verie44 says:

      Like Susan said before, advice from your girlfriends at this point is the worst idea. They all want you to be happy & want to make things work out for you / avoid making you feel bad. Usually your mom is out of touch too — she’s coming from a much older generation where things were done very differently. Ask your older brother really (or dad — he’ll usually know what’s up, especially if he was a player back in the day).

  15. thegirlwholikesniceguys says:

    My friends are just that optimistic to not clearly see what’s in the real world, like these. So I think I’ll just ask advice from my guy friends. They pretty much give me the exact answer I need to hear. Thanks again!

  16. kat says:

    Everyone’s analysis here is dead on. Women, nonetheless, employ the same tactics to guys particularly if they are not available. So guys, watch out for women who do the push/pull game. They don’t ask questions, act somehow interested, would perhaps hang with you, but won’t commit to anything.
    Personally, I hate mind games… I wish everyone would just communicate honestly, but heck that is probably too much to ask. I can’t stand jerks and they are described vividly here, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about or like them. Women have a tendency to build these jerks up and make excuses concerning their behavior. I don’t understand the psychology either, but I do agree that this happens all the time. I am not with anyone right now, but most of the nice guys who like me do not interest me. I currently like one of the jerks who has not even called me for a month now. Sad, but true! I am a very disciplined person though so if he doesn’t make contact so be it. I’ll meet someone else and it will be his loss!

  17. @kat
    Welcome and thanks for commenting! I like your feisty attitude. That should serve you well as long as you lose it to fend off jerks, rather than trying to reel them in. I agree that women can be very manipulative too, and that includes rewriting the truth to fit their wishes.

  18. Happily-ish Single says:

    Although I do admit I’ve been sexually attracted to guys who gave off a douchebag vibe, those I actually dated/considered dating were always sweet and openly showed me their affection. I would hate going after someone who doesn’t seem interested in me; it’s not worth the chase, imho.
    Well, that’s how I ultimately ended up dating a purportedly “nice guy,” who – as it turns out – was an impressively skilled player. He cheated on me multiple times by switching his f*ck buddies. In fact, I’m honestly scared to date guys who pay so much attention to me, for as alluring they may be, I’m sure they’re just good at gathering game to toy with.

    • @Happily-ish Single

      Well, that’s how I ultimately ended up dating a purportedly “nice guy,” who – as it turns out – was an impressively skilled player.

      Ugh. Be sure to read my post about how not to fall for a player! There are signs to look out for – players really do show red flags if you’re paying attention. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  19. Meow88 says:

    i dated a jerk for 3 years, I’m over it and now I’m ready to be with a more well-balance guy.

  20. Will says:

    I’m a nice guy, and it’s completely in my nature. I don’t think I could convert to “Jerkdom” (whatever that means specifically) even if I tried.
    And for most of my life I was generally not successful with women. I never blamed my lack of success on being nice (I’ve always understood that that particular commonly- stated correlation is absurd), but until a couple years ago I really couldn’t figure out what to blame it on. And after I grew out of my hyper-low-self-esteem adolescence (something that is really quite common across people), I also knew it wasn’t because of my physical looks or personality traits (physically I’m attractive, and there is nothing wrong my intelligence, interests, sense of humor, yada, yada, yada). Honestly it was just a conundrum to me why I wasn’t more successful with the ladies.
    It dawned on me at some point (as a said, just a couple years ago) that the problem was mainly that I simply came off as being too easy. It’s not that I was actually being easy — I had very specific tastes in women, but my approach didn’t make it feel that way. If was interested in someone, I made it abundantly clear and they could have however much attention and affection that they desired. And I know that it is true that women really *do* crave a person that can offer a lot of kindness and affection and support. But most of all they like to feel special. And it’s this last point that took me so long to figure out. From the perspective of a given women I was interested in, my appearance of being easy for her didn’t make her feel like she won me, or like she attracted me because of her special qualities, or like she deserved me for anything that she did. Of course all of these things would always be true of her, but if she didn’t get the gut feeling that they were, a relationship would never blossom.
    Now, I’m a giving person naturally (it makes me feel good), so I couldn’t solve this problem by “turning off” my natural tendencies, or by pretending to being someone I was not, or by playing mind games. But it accentually occurred to me that I could solve it by simply spreading the love around. Even if was interested in someone, I didn’t focus my attention on them. In social settings, I would flirt with everyone equally, regardless of how interested I was in them. I started to hug people hello. I started to talk to anyone about anything, rather than focusing my attention on the people I found most interesting. I didn’t give out less affection or attention than before, but instead I divided it among more people.
    And really this did solve all my problems with women, without having to change my personality or become a bad guy. Suddenly women were starting to *approach me* (something that never used to happen), and completing to earn my attention. In essence, I put myself in a position where I would have to choose who I gave extra attention to. Or to word it differently, I would have to select between options. The very act of being selective made me more desirable, because when I did focus more of my attention on a particular woman, she knew she earned it. And winning feels pretty good, no matter what it is you win. It feels even better if the win comes with a prize you really want (and attention and affection are things everything wants). Once this started to happen, my self-confidence improved, and since my interactions with women were more frequent, my personality itself improved (experience in general does that). This increased confidence made me even more selective, which in turn made me even more desirable. And I didn’t have to play any games to make this happen — it’s just the way it worked out.
    So my advice to nice men who are having problems with woman — don’t stop being nice! Just starting being nice to more women. The ones who like your attention and want more of it will not-so-subtly let you know. And I assure you some of them are going to be the ones you would have picked to shower attention on anyway =).

    • Will, that’s a great story, thanks for sharing it! I love it that you were able to determine through trial and error how to attract women. The two most important things you hit on, IMO are these:
      1. Women do want to earn a man’s affection. They know that men feel attracted physically, but no sense of devotion, commitment, wanting to spend time together, etc. should be displayed unless a woman has proven herself worthy. When men fall all over women for no reason other than their looks, they will be perceived as shallow and too easily won.
      2. You benefited from social proof – becoming more desirable as women saw you get attention from other women. Again, withdrawing attention (or not providing it up front) was key. You were smart to be selective and to present yourself as a man with options.
      Well done!

  21. Confused says:

    I’m a nice guy but I don’t want to finish last. Last May I took this girl to a work banquet. She got really drunk and went home with another dude. The guy didn’t work with us. He crashed our work banquet with a friend. He showed me his hunting knife! Yes, he brought a HUNTING knife to a formal banquet he wasn’t invited to! They rode off drunk in his car (He had inter-lock ignition from a DWI!) I swore there and then that ALL of them were bat shit crazy and attracted to assholes and I had NO choice but to sell my soul.

    Then the next week I met this AMAZING girl. Smart, pretty, shy, Christian, dorky…everything that get’s me going inside. I treated her like she was just another girl all summer…and she seemed to really like me. Then I fell for her and treated her nicely. She seemed to be losing interest…so then I went back to the asshole thing because my friend told me “the only way to a girl’s heart is by treating her like shit.” She got pissed and doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. She sent me an email and said, “I deserve to date a nice guy.” That was the best thing I have ever read in my entire life. I think the good ones want nice guys in the long run.

  22. Confused says:

    You know I don’t think they’re attracted to “assholes” they’re just attracted to guys with confidence who know what they’re doing. I know exactly which pathetic things I said that turned her off. It’s hard to treat a beautiful woman like she’s just okay when you’re into her inside.

    • @Confused

      You know I don’t think they’re attracted to “assholes” they’re just attracted to guys with confidence who know what they’re doing. I know exactly which pathetic things I said that turned her off.

      You are 100% correct. You’re fortunate in that you figured this out for yourself. Next time, find the right balance. Don’t signal your interest too strongly or too early – a woman wants to earn the affection of a man.

  23. J says:

    Will–You are amazing!!!

    Confused–You learned a valuable lesson. Sorry you lost out on the girl. Maybe at some point you tell her you agree that she deserves a nice guy and explain the situation to her.

  24. George says:

    Great article.Amen!one woman who doesnt see nice guys as a boring pleasers…I want to say that nice guys should become more true and strong.In the end the whole matter hasnt to do only with relationships.It sets one bacic question for all of us(men and women).Can niceness help us to get through life?If we want a better world the answer is yes.We must be true with ourselves.We cannot be nice only when it suits us and then go to jerkdom to get the girls.If any girl doesnt want me for being nice,her lose.Let her go to the bad boy but she must be aware that she may become also bad.

  25. Thanks, George, I agree with you 100%.

  26. Paul from Town says:

    Ive been single-and-not-looking for the past several months, choosing so after coming off a series of short (and mostly pathetic) relationships.

    Now, I’ve collected myself and’ve decided to give it another go–not without doing some research though. And in reading this article I found a funny coincidence in the way I stumble into these relationships.

    Let me paint a picture… I find a pretty lady who really sparks my interest. I immediately let her know that logically we could die happily together; she’s flattered but, despite the apparent sexual chemistry present before I open my mouth, she’s convinced I’m friend material. So, frustrated, I lean back, catch the eyes of a very vulnerable-looking girl, and I say, “what do you want?” and she falls in love.

    You can connect the dots. Not caring projects self-worth, as the article states.

  27. @Paul From Town
    Yup, that’s exactly right. A woman wants to earn your affection. Don’t make it easy, or we won’t respect you. We’ll think you’re desperate. Instead, we want a man who has options but chooses us.

  28. CollgeFratGuy says:

    Interesting discussion. As a current college student in a fraternity who has played all sides of the game and understands every person’s point of view, it is interesting to see what people have to say. BTW Susan I love your dedication and this website blog, it is absolutely amazing. It’s nice to know that there is a blog site such as this where people can discuss underlying issues such as this in a open discussion post. It’s also nice to see there is a lot of diversity among the people who reply which help the issue that is being discussed.

  29. @CollegeFratGuy
    Welcome, and thanks for leaving a comment! You would be an awesome addition on the comment threads, so I encourage you to chime in on new posts.

  30. Stacygirl says:

    Wow. This is a great reality check for me. I always wondered why I attracted jerks and assholes. Its because Im weak. (because of an asshole!!) I sit and listen to their arrogance. Saying women are crazy and such. I just nod it off. but when they emotionally hurt me, I still end up staying! until I cant take it anymore. (most of them come running back feeling sorry for themselves)

    i just dumped an ass. I gave him what he wanted and he still treated me unfairly. got me all interested in the beginning then started being mean eventually. I didnt get it. I wasnt a bitch. Im actually easy going and cool. Most people say i SHOULD have a boyfriend and not do this friend with benefit stuff. but thats what I like right now. I just wish I had a guy who could treat me like a friend too!

    maybe I should work on not being so weak? Not taking any bullshit?

  31. @Stacygirl
    There are lots of articles here on how to choose guys, what not to put up with, etc. However, they’re generally written from the perspective of wanting a relationship. If you want to keep things casual, there’s no dumping required, because it’s no-strings.

  32. goodguy#4663489 says:

    Will thanks for your story man! I am still actively dating. I am definitely going to take your advice and try spreading myself around more and not focusing on one woman even if there is a particular one that I am interested in! I appreciate you telling us your story because, like you, I think I am an attractive dude even though I am 5’7″, I have a good personality etc etc and through your story and lessons I can move forward without making the mistakes myself!
    On a side note I have a question? What is a good way to not be too interested through texting? I am interested in a woman I met on a dating website (ok cupid) and we talk daily through text, but I am wondering how to not show too much interest or seem cocky? We are going on a date in January when she is back down this way for school again. Should I let her know that I am doing things with other women, or would that be bad? Thanks. I have been reading posts in here for a long time now. I rarely comment but love reading them. Thanks again Susan for starting this thing!

  33. Badger Nation says:

    I’m mixed up – if you are “friends with benefits,” what can possibly do to treat you unfairly? Is he blabbing about your sex life all over campus? Is he standing you up to sleep with other girls? And how do you “dump” someone you aren’t dating?
    “On a side note I have a question? What is a good way to not be too interested through texting? I am interested in a woman I met on a dating website (ok cupid) and we talk daily through text, but I am wondering how to not show too much interest or seem cocky?”
    You want a little bit of cocky in text messages. Avoid replying too fast or use strategic delay to affect a push-pull vibe. You can telegraph an affected (i.e. fake) lack of interest by eschewing punctuation, making it look like you didn’t have time to put all the characters in. However, I advise AGAINST misspellings and abbreviations (luv u, lol, etc) because it makes you look uneducated and/or girly. Test your creativity with one-word replies. Roissy has some excellent advice posts on text game if you google it. Use his jumbotron test – if you’re not comfortable with seeing your texts on a public jumbotron you’re sending the wrong texts.
    “We are going on a date in January when she is back down this way for school again. Should I let her know that I am doing things with other women, or would that be bad?”
    If you are casually dating and not going P in V I don’t think other women are any of her business, nor are her other men yours. Roissyites might advocate the preselection effects of letting her know, but I find it mildly rude to tell someone about other dates I’m going on. There are other, more direct ways to show her you can attract other women. If one or both of you wants to go exclusive it obviously becomes an issue.
    “You know I don’t think they’re attracted to “assholes” they’re just attracted to guys with confidence who know what they’re doing.”
    I call shenanigans. Women are attracted to both. Much as people don’t want to believe it, women are attracted to the dark triad and lust after narcissistic men because of, not in spite of, their self-absorption.

  34. Badger Nation says:

    Final items on text messages: you want some cocky because you have no context in a text message – no frame, no tone of voice, no environment, no facial gestures, etc. Just the words and the time you sent them. Also, avoid sarcasm, way too risky that it will be taken the wrong way.

  35. Stacygirl says:


    when i say dump, I say hes out of the bed with me. Still friends but not with the benefit thing.

    its a toss up with respect and sex. we’re friends. who on occasion have sex. we’re not dating. only thing I dont like is when he doesnt treat me like a friend, and just tries to control me. Just because im giving a guy what he wants, doesnt mean he has the right to treat me like shit.

    its hard to find a girl tthat wont get emotionally attached after the sex and I dont do that. I enjoy the occasional sex but I also want to be treated fairly too. Not viewed as some “hoe”

    I honestly blame the guy who ruins a good thing. You should treat a friend respectively. Now? we both loss. I told him I deserve better and to go away

    but really, if its this hard to find respect out of a FRIEND then I rather have a boyfriend.

  36. Jennifer's Body says:

    “he doesnt treat me like a friend, and just tries to control me”

    He caught feelins’ for ya. Maybe you cuddled with him too long after the fwb sex. Sometimes you gotta kick a guy outta bed immediately after or else they get ideas. If you weren’t dating anyone else while you were friends with benefits with him, then he fell into the illusion that you were his girlfriend. Poor guy. He’s obviously not ready or made for the friends with benefits lifestyle.

  37. Stacygirl says:

    @ jennifer

    I figured that. we were having a great time up til we opened up with another. now hes arrogant, jealous, putting me off when i wanna “have fun” hes very confusing and my opinion dramatic.

    I mean i do like him but i dont think i could date him. he has to change his ways and thoughts about women. which i know he can. just scared as hell. I still dont know what to do. I keep on hinting about sex but its always “im busy” or some crap!

  38. Kathryn says:

    This works when you’re younger, but when you’re in your 30’s or 40’s or even older, play time is over. Seventh grade was a long time ago, and they won’t ever change, so don’t waste your time trying. I love a challenge, too, but I do NOT want a project. And that’s just what these guys are. Do you really want one? Find yourself a man who deserves your attention, and these types of jerks are not it.
    If a man can’t treat you like a human being, he’s not worth it.

  39. parabola says:

    Sooooo. After having read most of these posts, I’ve come to the conclusion that women love jerks BECAUSE they pursue them so strongly. BUT, women also love men who ignore them because then they’ll feel their affection and attention is earned. Sooo, it’s possible to be a nice guy and pursue women AND it’s possible to be a jerk and ignore women. It’s possible to be a jerk and pursue women and be a nice guy and ignore women. WOMEN! Ha! So confusing.
    I know it’s an over simplification. Things aren’t that black and white. But if I just stepped out of a cave, that’s the conclusion I would come to, thus crawling back in my cave.

    • @parabola
      Women love jerks not because they pursue them, but because they can take them or leave them. Mostly, jerks ignore women, especially once they’ve gotten what they came for. Nice guys would do well do get some game and know when to step back, ignore a woman, and watch her try harder.

  40. I like jerks and I didn't know it (lol) says:

    I read this thread, lots of good stuff here, Susan nice blog, awesome patience in your responses. I’m sorry but there were a few female posters in this thread that I just wanted to laugh at, just too typical. Sorry.

    I guess the question is, what do guys consider the ideal weight? Many women strive to attain a thinness that is more boyish than womanly.

    Rough question, unanswerable. Its a looks thing, either you have it, or you don’t, and body type determines weight so much that there is no magic number. Are you petite or “big boned”? Know what I mean? My girlfriend is gorgeous and like 145Ibs. She is pretty tall and looks great, but if she was petite that would be way too heavy.

    But that was the old me…I’ve learned so much from my experiences this year and next time a bad boy shows interest, he’ll have to PROVE himself

    Sorry but I think is a sad answer. Not to pick on you but, really, did you miss the boat on this? You said nothing about nice guys and instead indicated you will make the bad boy player have to try harder next time. lol.

    Wow this is completely true, I am obsessed with this hard ass jerk for forever… and I have no idea why

    Wow is also my reaction. Wow. Seriously how is this even possible. Please someone tell me.

    Nice guy is just another tactic to bed someone and a pretty bad one at that

    Totally wrong, and I mean tooootally. Check the poster in this thread who talked about being raised by women’s rights conscious mother. You obviously had a different upbringing, because I can tell you from personal experience, if your childhood was like that, you would not think the “nice guy routine” is a player tactic. wow. Here is a refresher:

    Having been brought up in a single parent household by my feminist mother, I learned very early on the importance of respecting women. I’m smart, funny, caring and have a lot of other ‘nice’ qualities women CLAIM to be looking for in a man, when asked. Let’s just say being nice hasn’t proved to be that effective, which is becoming painfully clear to me.

  41. Nice guy says:

    Even if you find a girl that likes you as a nice guy, she still won’t be thrilled to be with such an inexperienced nice guy who doesn’t know how to turn women on. And as a nice guy, you just can’t get any experience without being an asshole.

    Truth, can’t be argued with, except if she is also really inexperienced, which is increasingly unlikely. Unfortunately I have met many girls who lost their virginity at 14 (wow what the hell). Way, way too low. Its almost scary IMO. I bet the next few generations, being bred on gangsta booty pop music and basically straight up hardcore porn on cable television, are definitely pushing that number lower.

    Nice guys would do well do get some game and know when to step back, ignore a woman, and watch her try harder.

    I think you are on the money with this, but you need to be WAY more descript. This is like a hopelessly insufficient and equally useless teaser. Like, write an article on it! When you say to a nice guy “know when to step back” that means nothing to them, and is also contextual. What kind of situation are you talking about? Specific non-trivial examples would definitely be in order I think, otherwise it is not possible to visualize what you just suggested here.

    Also, did you really mean to use the word “ignore”? Ignoring someone is pretty unforgiving. Maybe you meant maybe…. more shallow and aloof? Or did you mean ignore? And if you did, how and when exactly do you think you would do that? How do you ignore someone strategically?

    The point is nice guys don’t understand that, remember, they’re nice. It should be obvious that ignoring a woman whom a man likes, especially if that man genuinely respects women and is not overly selfish, is vastly unintuitive and unnatural for them. That is why this entire Nice Guy situation exists in the first place.

  42. Doug says:

    A woman friend told me recently that I should ignore women when they’re talking to me and I’d get more girl attention. I couldn’t believe it. She said that, while they’re talking to me, I should look away and pretend to be uninterested.

    Sorry to say ladies but I did it and it really worked like a charm. The reality is that I’d love to chat with women but it doesn’t work. For some reason they think if you listen you’re “desperate”.

  43. noname says:

    It’s wayyyy too much work to attract a girl, i’d just be myself which is a nice guy by the way and if she doesn’t like it then she can leave, personally i just ignore girls since the work involved is too great and i don’t have the time for this frankly. i’m pretty cocky and sarcastic but not a jerk i feel that if anyone is a jerk (no matter what the gender is) i really really hate people like this and think you should just be yourself instead of pretending to be someone you aren’t.

  44. Marciano says:

    It seems that the aim of many girls (i am certain, because i have asked) is that they want to have sex “as much as they can” with guys they fancy while they are young, and the nice guys are rejected & kept in the friends zone for a rainy day (perhaps the righ time). When those girls reach a point that they had enough d**k or old enough, then they feel like marriage andddd the nice guy is “the” option (so the girl had “”all”” the sex and now left dry for mr. nice guy)..personally, i think if girls do that then they should accept all nice guys to change their ways to become players…it doesn’t take much with the right information and guidance, but is it necessary?, from what i see every day, i think so…if being bad is the only thing that works then ladies shouldn’t expect being loves for more than a week, cos either your nice or a jerk, sex is needed (women married to a 30 yr old guy with no experience will cheat and he will continue to be the loser).

    • @Marciano
      I’m afraid you are correct. Many good men refuse to settle down with a woman who “had her fun” with a bunch of more dominant guys when they were young. I encourage you to do the same. Reward a woman who controlled her impulses and held out for a man of character.

      Also, learn about Game to get all the social dominance you’ll need to attract women. You don’t need to be a jerk, but you must be perceived as strong and dominant.

  45. Marciano says:

    ohh shit one more thing…nice guys don’t ignore the girls they like…they would LOVE to chat to them but they are shy and they are worried they might be rejected and so they take so long they girl gets a jerk.

  46. Stacygirl says:

    Another problem comes up.

    why does it seem that I get treated unfairly by a guy but he treats another girl like a queen? a girl thats takeen and clearly wants to stay friends, but he has convos with her that i WISH we would have.. this is the 3rd time in a row this happened to me and why i wont date anyone. ill get screwed over. i dont get why either.

    my friend whos a guy. told me to play hard to get and the guy will be all over me. (this is his friend too)
    so thats what im gonna do i guess. i hate mind games and games in general but if that what it takes to spark up a jerks interests, ill play it

    • @Stacygirl
      It does sound like the guy was going specifically for a girl he couldn’t have. All people appreciate something that is hard to get. It implies that it’s more valuable. Try it out, but instead of playing mind games, be hard to get. Don’t give your heart (or body!) away until you’ve got a guy having the kind of convos with you that you really want.

  47. Stacygirl says:

    i just screwed myself with guys i really liked. i gave in too soon and i now know why they leave me to go with another. they lose the respect. i did it ever since my first relationship and im realizing it at 21.. i could never open up to anyone i dated. just did the friends w benefits and believed what i wanted to hear. i acted not like the real me

  48. SayWhaat says:

    @ Stacygirl:

    FwB is gonna screw most girls up, at least you’ve had the sense to realize that it’s not something that works for you.

    When you say “give in too soon”, though…I don’t really know the personal circumstances with your situation, but the truth is that a guy will know whether or not he wants a relationship before he gets involved with you, and however awesome you might be, it will still be irrelevant if he’s not looking for a relationship in the first place. The best you can do – as Susan has said – is to not get invested unless it looks like he’s reciprocating the way you want him to.

    • @Stacygirl
      You’re young and there is no reason in the world why you should keep doing the thing that’s never worked for you. Start acting like the real you. Know that this will mean less attention from guys, but that’s OK because it protects you from players and sends a message that you’re in it for the relationship, not the short-term validation. It’s fair to tell a man that you won’t have sex until you know him and trust him. Any man who doesn’t stick around is in it for the wrong reasons.

  49. Stacygirl says:

    giving in meaning ok they said they dont wanna date ever again,

    so i give up on trying. even tho the feelings are still lingering.
    im just sick of being hurt, alone and guys tellin me they dont view me as dating material

  50. mrnola says:

    I’ve been back and forth with the whole thing. I use to be a real prick, and pretty self centered, and use to get a lot of girls interested in me (as a result of that I guess). In more recent years I’ve really focused on trying not to be like that so that I can have a meaningful relationship, and not just some shallow girl who has no clue, Its really hard due to the fact that it is much easier to pick up girls by being a “bad a$$” than it is being a sweet guy. What makes it even more interesting is various girls I’ve met who are really nice, intelligent, people, but still go after the bad boys. I think for guys it really is learning to be a “bad boy” who still has qualities of a “nice guy” at the same time. Don’t loose your bad boy image, but treat a girl right at the same time.

  51. ENQ says:

    From the desk of a “nice guy”:

    My first girlfriend (my first everything) would often burn me with a cigarette if I was not paying attention to her.  She maintained that had I been paying “proper” attention to her she would not have been able burn me (The logic is sound).  That relationship scarred me (pun intended).  

    My second girlfriend (fiancé) of  5 years had an infatuation with the “Bad Boys”, and little respect for monogamy. I had forgiven 1 indiscretion (she swore it would never happen again).  The second time I just could not take. I’m sure there were others.  The decision to end the relationship was appropriate, it was painful.  It was not a clean parting of ways. It was difficult not to believe that it was a failing on my part, that I was not man enough and so on. The black-box from that wreck to a long while to recover.  

    What started as an investigation into some interactions with a girl, for who I have some interest. Lead to a sort of ad-hoc differential diagnostic of my behaviors.  Which in turn lead me here. 
    I have been reading many of the discussions here.  On the whole, even the things I disagree with are well thought out, possessed of merit, and worth consideration.  For that I must thank you all. 

    I have been assessing myself, and attempting to do so from a position of strength ( recognizing the positive and negative in a way that allows me to not be overwhelmed by hubris, or despair).  I am sharing this with you, as I would like your opinions. 

    I am very (very) Left brained, and more than a touch autistic.  I mention this, not to engender sympathy, rather to provide a point of reference. 

    In general conversation, you probably would not be able to tell that I am consciously considering your non-verbal cues (NVC).  I am fair at deciphering them, unfortunately I have to be aware that we are engaged in an exchange during which deciphering NVC’s is necessary (I usually do not realize that this is the case until after the exchange has taken place).  

    I am socially awkward, my own NVC’s are often wrong, for example I shake my head ‘no’ when I mean to nod ‘yes’.  In certain situations, I am aware that NVC’s are to be monitored.  However, similar to translating a language in which you are not fluent, this is taxing, so I do not do this constantly.  I am uncomfortable with new people as many do not understand me. I am most uncomfortable around women. 

     UNLESS it is in my environs (to be clear I’m still socially awkward but it does not seem to matter). If I am somewhere where I am comfortable, I am king.  Work, home, friends houses, there I win.  Conversations are productive, women are attentive (and there is much rejoicing (YaY)).  This is where all of the positive encounters I have had have occurred (well, not work so much, I view romantic relations in the workplace as a conflict of interests).  I have not been successful transitioning from encounter to relationship.  IRL a woman would have to beat me with the cluebat before I got it. 

    Like Aquaman, in my element I’m a super-hero.  Outside of it, I’m just a guy who can talk to fish.  

    (I apologize for the length of this post, it has been the steadily growing aggregate of much of what I’ve read here. )

  52. john says:

    yeah nice guys may be boring and predictable but they know how to raise a family! it’s a shame when responsibility isn’t a turn on for women anymore..

  53. ENQ says:

    ” it’s a shame when responsibility isn’t a turn on for women anymore..”

    I don’t know if responsibility was ever a turn-on. However, it seems that as a virtue (from the perspective of mate selection), responsibility is not given the priority it once had.

    That being said, I do not believe being irresponsible is considered a turn-on. Although there does seem to be a correlation between current relationship priorities and irresponsibility. I don’t know it is necessarily a causal one (it’s possible there is no correlation at all).

    I find it interesting that the word responsible is currently used almost entirely in negative context (eg. “The person responsible for (terrible thing) …” not “The person responsible for (wonderful thing) …”). Since language both influences and reflects culture, is there now a negative connotation to being described as “responsible”?

  54. Stacygirl says:

    responsibility has nothing to do with girls not liking nice guys. nice guys need not to be so clingy and try too hard. thats why i go for the assholes. one, they dont bother me all the time. two. they earn my attention faster. and three they are beyond confused little people and it amuses me.

    someday im gonna meet a nice jerk. guys have to have a balance

    in reality, assholes think they can be jerks to girls but they really cant (unless your weak minded) the ones who say oh i dont need you. i can get someone else! and you really dont bother with them, guess whos gonna be calling you back after a few days? the asshole. i did it, and it happened. really easy to break, honestly.

  55. @ENQ
    Regardless of where you are on the autism scale, you’re obviously smart, thoughtful and articulate. And oh yeah, good looking. You wouldn’t have had success with women with awkward social skills if you were not very attractive. So you’ve got that going for you.

    I encourage you to read as much as you can about female psychology. This blog is a good place to start – it’s my stock and trade. Once you understand how women think, what triggers sexual attraction, how to sustain it, in theory, then you can begin to interact with this knowledge in place.

    I appreciate that reading NVCs is exhausting and difficult – but will be especially necessary in all early interactions. Once you get a read on someone, does it get easier for you to manage the back and forth? Women dig the brooding loner archetype, so I think you can make that work for you.

    You don’t say why you can’t move from encounter to relationship. Whether it’s an issue of confidence, or having been scarred (btw, your two significant girlfriends both sound terrible), or finding that the communication is just really difficult.

  56. ENQ says:

    @Susan Walsh

    “… This blog is a good place to start – it’s my stock and trade. …”

    I am in complete agreement with you. I had read many of your threads prior to my first post. You have fostered an eclectic (and active) community here. As such, a wide variety of views are presented (often with links to other articles) making it an exellent resource. It is difficult to keep discussions on such sensitive topics from rapidly devolving into a “flame-war”. So thank you.

    “… understand how women think, what triggers sexual attraction, how to sustain it, in theory …”

    Reverse engineering female dating behaviors (writing it that way makes me smile. In a cue the lightning and get ready for the “it’s alive …” speech sort of way). I am working on it. 🙂

    “… Once you get a read on someone, does it get easier for you to manage the back and forth?”
    “… You don’t say why you can’t move from encounter to relationship. …”

    I had to consider these things for a while prior to responding. Yes, the back and forth becomes much easier over time. It is the “over time” part that I seem to get stuck on. I have no doubt that confidence and prior relationship issues are part of the problem. Communication issues abound, that seems to be at the core of Most of the discussions here. So if I were concerned about it before coming here, I can now rest confidant in the fact that she is likely as confused as I am. 🙂

    In the “it’s a fight …” thread I think you touched upon part of the issue. The positive encounters I refer to, in many cases, did not involve sex (although I am fairly sure they could have). When there was casual sex involved, it was always clear that sex was all she wanted. The encounters that did not involve sex usually involved me being unsure of what she wanted. Did she want sex or a relationship? neither? It couldn’t possibly be both. I was under the impression that if you “hooked-up”, you were (in effect) precluding a relationship. That a woman would view any further interactions as merely a pretense for more sex, and not a genuine overture of romantic intent. If she intimated that she would like a relationship, then I interpreted everything … wrong, very wrong … and received the LJBF talk more than I care to recount. It occurs to me as I am writing this that if I did not pursue her when she was making herself available to me in the manner in which she was making herself available then I was telling her LJBF, and possibly insulting her.

  57. @ENQ

    Did she want sex or a relationship? neither? It couldn’t possibly be both. I was under the impression that if you “hooked-up”, you were (in effect) precluding a relationship.

    Not at all! Many women who really want the relationship will hook up as a means of getting it. If you are good looking, this is even more likely to occur, because women will perceive that you have options and will be unlikely to settle down with one woman. They’ll try to lure you in with early sex. Obviously there are some women who only want sex, but in my experience they are a smallish minority.

    If she intimated that she would like a relationship, then I interpreted everything … wrong, very wrong … and received the LJBF talk more than I care to recount.

    I’m not sure what you mean here. If she wanted a relationship, why would she LJBF you?

    It occurs to me as I am writing this that if I did not pursue her when she was making herself available to me in the manner in which she was making herself available then I was telling her LJBF, and possibly insulting her.

    I’m sure this was true in at least some cases. I wouldn’t worry about insulting women – she is making an adult decision to have sex or not, and you are not responsible for her choices. We do reject people sometimes and it’s insulting perhaps, but also unavoidable, as long as you don’t lead them on.

    When you are attracted to a woman, start slow and escalate. If you have difficulty reading subtle cues than come right out and ask her what she wants. Or try telling her directly that you want her – this is dominant. If you want to take it slow and wait to have sex, then you will certainly need to give positive feedback and display your interest. My guess is that you’ll need a woman who is fairly direct and assertive. It’s just going to be too difficult for you to read a woman who is very guarded in her feelings and actions.

  58. youknow says:


    ENQ called me up and started asking questions about why we didn’t go out  after our hook up. He never says hook up, or alpha, or any of that pickup BS, so I knew something was up.  I took a look at what he was so amped up about.  I think it’s ok.  It’s kinda dear Abby, and I can see diggin the Yohimi guy. 

    This is ENQ. Kinda weird, hes bald and good at it, he’s built like a linebacker, sounds like an audio book, refined to a fault, dresses formally ALL THE TIME!!  And he smells F’N FANTASTIC.  You know when he’s there, I mean you want to be his friend.  You feel safe and special, even my husband feels that way. But, he’s naive, he takes everything you say at face value. So you have to be very specific.  He’s delicate.  His world is orderly. Same food, same time, same place, same movies on repeat.  

    He understands you, but I can guarantee he doesn’t get it. 

    I’m not tryng to hurt you love.  I tried to explain this on the phone.  Your sooo special, and I love you to death.  You’re  hyper focused, and I’m afraid it’ll get you hurt. 

  59. Airez says:

    I Know that I am a nice guy with some bad boy tendencies. I do ignore women but only the ones I like not because I’m an asshole but because I am shy. I have been hurt before who hasn’t that’s why I keep them at arm’s length and so I never get to close to them, that is why I believe I have some bad boy tendencies.

  60. stacy says:

    I’m gonna hang out w this guy I like and he’s having a couple friends over. I was hoping it’ll just be me and him. Since its like the first time we hungut. I feel like I’m put in the friend zone. And ill be the only girl there which will make me rally shy. I asked him a month ago if he wanted to ever date and he said no. Then I stopped talking to him and now he wants to hang when before he was avoiding it. But I still feel like im in the zone:/

  61. Paul says:

    After going through the experiences of dating women and also learning about myself, both genders can be very confused about what we really want until we mature. Men do not want a woman who is so nice and neither do men. It is not because it is a turn-off or that its boring. We all have desires of what we want a mate to look like, to be and to have certain qualities that attracts us. However, that person seems to be defined as the perfect person for us. There is no perfect person and until we grow to a certain maturity to understand ourselves, learn from our mistakes and be real about who we are and what we want – we will continuously get caught-up in these games with relationships. I am a male and I too have been hurt by women because I am a nice guy – but realistically I am not as nice as they think I am. When getting to know someone and those funny feelings of being in love fades away – the real person comes out and their is a great chance that the woman may not see that nice man anymore but see a side that challenges her and enables her to change her mind about pursuing a further relationship. But, their is a flip side to that coin. I could change as well when I see a different side in her and rather find someone else since the feelings of wanting her is gone. I believe if anyone is serious about finding the right person that is suitable for them they must be patient and wait – it may be frustrating but in that period you learn a lot about yourself and what you want. You create standards of what you want in a person and really know how to love that person. Love is not about how you feel it is what you do. Kindness, forgiveness, patience, and giving. I am not there yet but I am growing and I believe that when we mature and learn more about ourselves and what is good for us and what is not – these issues with relationships will not effect you at all. We all know the game and many still deal with the same issues. Get to know yourself and be happy in life with yourself and that person will show-up at the right time. Ignore the people who still not sure of themselves – test the waters and enjoy relationships without throwing your heart into every pretty face. Let them fall in love with you and you choose to make them the one for you. Just some advice to share from what I have learned from being the nice guy that girls do not like.

  62. dave says:

    Does ANYONE see the hypocrisy and unfiarness in this? can you read what all of these men and women are saying? I was drummed out of this “game” years ago
    since I am a “loser”, and nice guy who was unable (unwilling?) to change into the
    required PUA . I do not feel entitled to anything (maybe some honesty?) and am
    headed for the Philippines where a young lady says that she wants to dance
    with me (no matter how nice I am?).You “winners” can have this “game”, as
    it was just not for me.

  63. Kayle says:

    Nobody likes being treated like Ish unless they’re kinky or crazy. Plenty of sane women look for sane men, just more men have been raised to take advantage of EVERYTHING, including their looks, charm, etc. or just the plain attention of a woman and use it, or at least those men are more likely to act on it, given the opportunity and more of them are going to think of any woman in the room as an opportunity. Make sense?

    PS: This article didn’t really address the tendencies of men to ignore the girl they like, except in relation to douchebags. “nice” guys to the SAME thing and then are POed when the girl they like went out with someone else and they want to know why. Usually, they ignore the obvious: Hey, gab-ehcuod, HE asked. YOU didn’t.

    I, on the other hand, tend to look for guys who seem nice and get treated like sh*t anyway, some of them doing it in their own little unique, smothering, yet arrogant way, but then I got the whole face-reading post backward, too. Guys with big eyes and open faces look nice to me. Guys with small foreheads, squinty eyes look scowly and aggressive, not nice, to me, so whatever.

  64. Kayle says:

    I have NEVER EVER been hurt by an fwb or by an actual nice guy. Just women and men who lied about who they were, what they wanted, and tried to tell me I was crazy for expecting to have my boundaries respected, no matter *what* they were. Basically, it’ people who are looking for a one-sided pseudo-relationship set-up and tried to act like I was insecure to want more or to want *appropriate* level of attention and time invested (less). basically, it is *selfish people* who hurt others, not hookups, and they usually do it intentionally, and even when they want a relationship.

  65. Jared says:

    VJ, I agree with most of your post especially with the theme that people are having unrealistic expectations. But, you mentioned that “Grandma & great Grandma might have been able to do it w/o any degrees, graduate or otherwise, and dealing with much smaller effective population sizes, (due to natural transportation limitations).” I feel that having a smaller pool of men was an advantage rather than a limitation. In the book “The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less”, Schwartz noted that having more choices lead to more dissatisfaction among shoppers (his book was dealing with consumers in markets). But, his theory can be applied to women since they’re ultimately “shopping” for men.

    Maybe in our grandparents’ days having a generous, kind, and loyal men is enough. Perhaps they were boring or short but given the smaller pool (and the perceived lack of alternatives) the women picked the “nice guys”.

    However, given the freedom to choose, modern women have felt the need to pick the “perfect” guy. Hence, they’d dump their boyfriends at the slightest inkling of any imperfections or an encounter with someone “better”.

    What’s interesting is that when they encounter a “boring” guy, they dump him thinking that they deserve an exciting boyfriend and that making their current guy exciting would be too much work. However, they have a strong desire to “fix” jerks. Why don’t they spend that kind of effort into making the nice guy more exciting?

  66. E says:

    Ok one thing I think completely pi**es men off is when women think that “nice guys are boring and predictable.” BS!!!! Women are SO WRONG with that statement. The statement “nice guys are boring and predictable.” Are the nerds/scientists they are the boring and predictable type not the so called “nice guys” and also why is it women automatically just assume that nice guys don’t or can’t have the a-hole/d-bag side to them. Also women define boring as they see it in men? Like what? Is it like we have our stable jobs, bought or in the process of buying our house, graduated college, live on our own, never had to depend on their parents after high school?? Is that women’s definition of boring? If so that’s just piratical, smart and being an adult. At the same time a lot of nice guys like to go out drink and do a lot of the same things the d-bags, a-holes like to do but “nice guys” don’t carry the d-bag, a-hole attitude but can definitely have the same attributes of the d-bag, ah-holes.

    It’s funny how a lot of women correlate nice men as not having any confidence. That’s such BS!! “You know I don’t think they’re attracted to “assholes” they’re just attracted to guys with confidence who know what they’re doing. I know exactly which pathetic things I said that turned her off. It’s hard to treat a beautiful woman like she’s just okay when you’re into her inside.” Yes women like men with confidence but at the same time the d-bags/a-holes/losers are not even confident especially with like jobs, education etc that’s why they are d-bags/a-holes/losers cause they are actually so unsure of themselves there usually not that successful in life, they are bums, thugs and low lifes. The confident ones are the so called “nice guys” we have our shi* together, generally educated, come from good families, have great stable jobs, own or in the process of buying our own home.

  67. erica says:

    please watch this, it’s ironically funny..nice guys turning into a jerk . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfeys7Jfnx8

  68. Will says:

    The issue that I face as a guy is the contradictory nature of being a “nice guy”. If you are a nice guy and have to wait to find girl, who has wasted time on bad guys, you are essentially displaying the same low self-esteem issues, because you deserve better than what you are getting. The person that you eventually end up with will most likely ignore you until they are done with the douchebags. So, by getting with women later in life who have been with douchy guys, no matter how great of a girl they are, you are essentially showing the same low self-esteem issues. So then, how can you respect yourself? Or, should you compromise your self-respect to be happy, which then means you are betraying yourself?

    I’m the guy that always listens to and eventually solves the problems that girls and guys alike bring to me. I’m the guy that tells the guy getting rapey to back off the girl that just ripped out beard hair and bit me three times because I took my friend’s cigarette back, and when he doesn’t kicks him out and walk her and her friend to her car. I take care of people and myself. I take responsibility seriously and know how to cook, clean, and everything else. I also always put the seat down.

    I’m also the guy that is serially abused by women, because I’m not a bad guy. I won’t ignore a girl and if I like a girl, I am also genuinely interested in who they are. I try to do good and expect similar actions from other people. I don’t care if a girl doesn’t reciprocate my feelings, but it’d be nice to see them actually date decent guys.

    I suppose my issue is: if I maintain that mindset that women will find me attractive later, which may be true, I’m not having self-respect because I’m second-hand goods that is only good because what she wanted isn’t what she wants now. So I am treated shitty and used, until women miraculously realize that they’ve made bad decisions and I should welcome them back and be endlessly forgiving because I don’t want to be alone?

    I’m sure by the time I’m thirty (I’m 21 now) that I’ll have changed my mind, but I’d prefer to have some kind of self-respect and just stay single. It is always the advice given out to women who date douches (“Have some respect for yourself. You’re better than him”). Why is the same advice not directed towards nice guys? At this point, I’m not worried about being alone right now; I’m just tired of hearing about women complain about bad guys, when there is a good guy they are ignoring and using behind the situation.

    I’m not going to switch to being a douchebag, but I’m done.

  69. daniel-shmaniel says:

    I’ve been a jerk to a T. it didn’t get me anywhere with women. Why must I be the exception???

  70. Michelle says:

    sounds like you prey on girls with daddy issues, who let themselves be taken advantage of by guys who don’t treat them right /:P

  71. Jennifer says:

    Susan, BRILLIANT summation!!!! Even more evolved explanations for why women go for jerks. And THANK you for explaining that these guys do, indeed, go for the weaker.

  72. Will says:

    I guess my issue with your statement is using preying. If you like a girl that has daddy issues, are you immediately preying on that girl? If that girl uses guys that actually care about them despite their daddy issues, leading them on, and then dating douchebags, is the guy preying, or is the girl preying, or both?

    Maybe you are just assuming that because I fix problems for people they have daddy issues? That I am hoping to be with them by fulfilling that role? Instead of assuming, that I just help fix problems for everyone I care about, and it is entirely frustrating to watch someone destroy their lives, especially when you are romantically interested and they are destroying their lives with a douche.

    In actuality, I don’t “prey” on girls with daddy issues, outside the realm of daddy issues that all girls have. I generally like girls with a good relationship with their fathers. It’s not a criteria, but I tend to find out that they do.

    If it were actually preying on these girls with daddy issues, I would get something out of it or hope to. I don’t get anything out of it and learned years ago that there is nothing to get out of it. I don’t go after women with daddy issues, and haven’t since freshman year in high school 8 years ago.

  73. daniel-shmaniel says:


    huh? i said that being a jerk doesn’t work. what daddy issues? how do i know what her issues are? the point is, i’m a jerk and it don’t work.

  74. Pete says:

    This stuff sucks from a guys perspective. Personally I’m in the middle of the spectrum on this issue but definitely lean towards the nice guy mentality…I take it as a sign that I have principles but I also lose faith from time to time in that I feel that girls don’t give an ounce of a shit about the massive amount of thought I put into things and I might never be able to be happy if I act like myself.

    I’m 23 now, haven’t had a real girlfriend for a while, and am generally dissatisfied with how shallow and pathetic girls my age are…I thought we (guys) were supposed to be the shallow ones, and girls had more discerning characteristics and bigger hearts and shit but most days I grow more confident that girls are just as shallow as guys. Like how many times I’ve been thrown aside for a guy that is taller than me or better looking than me…I get it ya know its how life is but man what a fucking bummer. The trashiest part about this is that I assume that most girls will take a guy with 0 class who blatantly does not give a shit about her (but is more physically attractive) over a guy who really cares and shows it by doing all the right things (but avg looking). Is this really what it comes down to?

    • @Pete
      It’s more about dominance than looks for guys. This is something it’s important for guys to understand. A guy of average looks who ignores a girl will get further than a guy who’s better looking but puts her on a pedestal. This is well worth learning about – Game.

  75. Pete says:

    Thanks for the tip Susan. I am looking to maintain my values/integrity but need to get better with women. In the past I’ve been alpha and beta at different times with different groups of people, although I really don’t like characterizing my behavior in those terms. I’ve gone through periods where girls would flock to me and other times when they seemed to avoid me like the plague..which has been confusing to endure..right now I’m somewhere in the middle but have been struggling in the short term mating scenarios (out at bars, clubs, etc) though I am really looking to lock up a solid girl for an LTR b/c being a player is not very appealing to me. My father is a serial womanizer who damaged my mother severely (emotionally) and made life hell for his children. I don’t want to be like him so that has lead me towards too much of a nice-guy approach..which has brought mixed results. I need to figure out something that works for me. What kind of strategy would you recommend I work on cultivating to help resolve these issues and what type of girl should I be looking for so I know I can trust her?

  76. Jennifer says:

    Pete, you’re a very good guy (and I don’t mean “nice” guy because you’re blunt and honest). Never give up your values; look for worthy women, treat them well, and carry yourself and speak with confidence; this attracts women. Stick to Susan’s blog though, many game sites have manure mixed with the soil.

  77. Michael says:

    I want to get an insight to this situation I’m in, i told this girl i liked her, we’ve met around 2 months ago, but she’s never said no to having a relationship with me, she wants to be good friends and when i said there’s no chance of you being my girlfriend she didn’t like that idea, is this her being indecisive? she said she went into her previous relationships too fast and is worried she’ll make the same mistakes. I’ve been brought up with one rule, to care for the ones i love, it may seem stupid but that’s who i am. Every girl i ever liked turned me down with the line “your a nice a guy but i see you as a friend” and i’m sick and tired of being the one off the ledge.

    Do nice people ever find each other or do we have to turn into jerks to get attention, I’ve been ignoring her lately and she never speaks to me only sometimes in person. Should i pursue with this girl, i know she’s an attention seeker but is it worth pursuing someone that is indecisive and just wants to have fun. The group we hang out in likes to go out often say 4 times a week, so I do see her quite often but she’s a party girl and seek attention byfar everywhere we go.

    I wrote this in light this game is over

    all conversations have stopped between us
    you don’t deserve my love or affection
    your mind is illogical and your an attention seeker
    you can’t decide if you want it or not
    but i know me better
    i don’t have to be sorry for liking you
    now this period of time i’m goin to ignore you
    not because i don’t like you
    because even if u do ever make up ur mind
    and somewhat like me like i do to you
    makin a person wait, is never worth the wait itself
    there’s plenty of fish in the sea
    if not you there are many
    and i will continue to search for my own

    • @Michael
      I think you’ve got your head on straight. You are right to be wary when she is a party girl who seeks a lot of male attention. I like your poem a lot. It terms of how to play, I would sit back, way back, and wait for her to do all the work. But keep the red flag in mind.

  78. dave says:

     The lady says that she  gave a “nice guy” a chance, by taking a chance on

    actually being treated with respect by a man. That says volumes about this

    entirely, stupid game!

  79. George says:

    Games are for children. 😛 If a female wants games let her buy a romantic book or movie from amazon instead of being her game and dont exepect that guys will be forever with her cause its just a Game after : P.I m so tired of these girls.Hopefully i m having a lot of fun and good time with decent girls who know what they want without playing the fool.For the rest of the girls i m gonna say:MATURE UP.You are not the drama princesses whatever your friends or parents may say.

  80. lovelost says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for this blog. I guess i can also comments and express my experiences. I guess we all have what i called three aspects to our personality. The God>>Saviour,

    The Hero>>Nice guy and the devil>>The asshole. We need to balance the three types. Regarding the nice guys, women can’t feel attraction to the nice guy. Once they have been done “enjoying life or partying”  they reach out the nice guy for long term relationship. What a nice way to use men? Men are becoming smarter now especially the nice guys, like me, who are becoming choosy and discerning not to accept non-sense? I believe that is the reason women are getting frustrated, cos they are how come this guy is able to see through me? This is the insecurity women are going through.





    • @lovelost
      Thanks for your comment and your kind words. Good for you for becoming choosy. Do not put up with any crap from women! They will respect you for it.

  81. Lady says:

    I love nice guys, always have. My first two boyfriends were very much so. Parted ways with one because of college and the other asked me to marry him but at 20 I was definitely not ready. I fell into a pattern of unavailable men…some nice some jerks. I have taken myself off the market for the last 4 years to the dismay of my Gram and every other female relative b/c I am fast approaching 35. I believe that I am experienced, happy with myself and ready. I have alot of love to give, I haven’t been sleeping around…in fact I have not had sex (on purpose) since 2008.

    Recently an old flame came into my life and he is doing this hot and cold thing, its confusing and hurts. I asked him about it, he says he’s just been busy with work, etc. I decided that this time (the third time) I will just move on. He left a voicemail today. I will not call back. What I will do is send him an email to explain why I will not be calling him. I don’t have to, just want a clean break. I expect he will keep communicating since the “chase” is back on, however I am not interested in playing games…never was much good at them anyway.

  82. Lady says:

    Hahaha, let me re-phrase, Since the beginning of 2008 I have decided not to have sex (on purpose or accidentally, lol) unless I was in love, which I haven’t been.

  83. Lady says:

    Hello Susan,
    Sitting here wondering why it is I have to tell myself not to call after I have already decided I wouldn’t. Its just irritating. Like trying not to scratch a mosquito bite, ya know!?

  84. Eternal SV says:

    Hey there Susan! I stumbled upon this post, and it’s been entertaining reading the comments from top to bottom, and I wanna give my opinion on the situation. I am a 19 year old male, and I am a pro at psychology…..but an extreme novice at relationships (never been on a date, never kissed, never danced with someone, never had a girlfriend, and OBVIOUSLY never had sex) I do consider myself to be a nice guy. I respect guys and girls the same, wouldn’t DARE hit a girl, I help everyone all the time, I’m there for my friends, BUT I do know how to stand up for myself. I love being myself, and couldn’t ever imagine being anyone else. But since I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for 6 years, I noticed that my fellow nice guys are kinda screwed. It’s like an infinite madness loop! From what has happened to me in my life so far, I have little experience with the other sex, no matter how much I try to communicate with them. They end up picking ANY other guy besides me, no matter how much OR how little I talk to them. That means, at the end of the day, I’ve still got no experience with a girl besides small talk. I’m not going to ramble about “How much of a catch they’d see I was , if only ONE girl would notice me!”, but I will say that I’d try my hardest to make her happy. Problem is, there’s a HUGE gap between small talk and boyfriend/girlfriend status. Since I keep getting passed up, I can’t get the experience to fill in that gap. I know I’m still young, but I still find myself worrying that I’m gonna be alone for the rest of my life… and it DOES NOT FEEL GOOD AT ALL!!

    • @Eternal SV
      You need to learn some Game, my friend. Start with the Being Male blogs on my blogroll. You will learn a lot that will change the way you interact with girls, and improve your results dramatically. Being a nice guy is not the way to a woman’s heart, unfortunately. At least not in the early stages. Good luck.

  85. James says:

    Why do nice guys ignore the girls they like? Because they’re too nervous to do anything else. When you’re talking with a girl you don’t care too much about, it’s easy to have fun and be fun, because you’re not as afraid of failure. When you’re talking with a girl you like very much, you’re very much afraid of failure and so you try to avoid all risk.

    Yes, this means you end up doing nothing, which means you have no chance of success, but if you fear failure enough, you’ll give up success to avoid it. I know that sounds dumb, and it is dumb, but it’s what happens.

  86. OnMyWay says:


    Amazing that I found this post.  I had a conversation yesterday with one of my friends about how I’m considering becoming an asshole.  When I was in college I acted like a jerk for a period of time and I also delved into a little bit of the pickup artist stuff.  I was definitely more successful at hooking up with women than I currently am.  I don’t like doing that though because I’m not actually a jerk.

    I’m a confident, attractive guy, but I’m having so much trouble finding anyone I want to date, and if I do find someone who intrigues me, they’re generally taken or don’t show any interest.  On top of that, I’m in a graduate program that requires a lot of time, so I don’t get out much to meet new people.  The majority of my friends are women and it seems like as I get to know girls better, they tend to become more attracted to me.  The problem is, I don’t want to date any of the girls that I’m friends with (hence why I’m just friends with them).

    The problem with switching to the dark side in order to attract girls is that I probably won’t respect them, and thus won’t really be happy.  For instance, I was attracted to a girl in my program, but before I could get anywhere with her, I found out she starting seeing a douchebag who’s probably my polar opposite.  I found out she has a history of dating idiots and that turned me off from her.

    I want to have some sort of relationship, but I just am not finding anyone.  Most of my past relationships have been with people I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with though.  Recently, I’ve asked several women to go on dates and they’ve either flaked, or the relationship fizzled. Generally the girls I’m most attracted to flake or like the girl above, don’t show any interest.  Whenever I meet girls I would never date, they always seem really into me.

    Where the heck are all the confident and attractive women that I’m looking for and how can I attract them like the douchebags attract the girls with low self esteem without actually being a douche?

  87. Johnny Milfquest says:

    Wow, this is an old article, but I noticed that someone reached my blog from here.

    Sorry for being a pedant, but the famous British saying is actually:

    “Treat ’em mean, to keep ’em keen.”


    ”Be mean, keep ‘em keen”

  88. Byron says:

    the famous British saying is actually:

    “Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen.”




  89. Byron says:


    So now I’ve gone back & (re?)read this post, really good piece.



  90. paul says:

    At work, at school, with other men, certain attitudes will get you no where. With women, however, these attitudes are gold mines:

    1) Irrational confidence – Show cockiness. Be playfully confident. Don’t worry if what are you saying/doing is rooted in confidence – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rational understanding gets you know. Just adopt the attitude that you are the coolest dude a girl could ever get with.

    Sure, maybe other men are smarter or stronger or better looking – the objective reality doesn’t, ultimately, matter with women. Your attitude / belief is all that matters.

    Tell your boss you’re the best ever at your job? You’ll have to deliver. Tell another man in seriousness that you could mop the basketball court with him? You better deliver. Confidently assert to a girl that you’re the coolest person, um, ever? Get her number.

    2) Reckless disregard – Never answer an email from a co-worker? Bad move. Diss a buddy? Not cool.

    Ignore a chick’s call? Gold mine. Assert the unspoken fact that you don’t care about her more than the next chick? Gold mine.

    All-in-all, men, it’s time to realize that women and life are separate orbits.  Usually what works in real life is completely the opposite of what works with women.

    Boom. lesson over.

  91. ImTheShaggyOne says:


  92. emma says:

    wow this explains so much! But is there anyway to stop this vicious cycle?

  93. Exfernal says:

    Emma, perhaps by not letting your hormones to overrule your reason? Possibly too much to ask for.

    “Dating a jerk is the best way to avoid getting into a long-term relationship.”
    A good point, but only if that is a conscious decision. There is also the possibility of “setting oneself to fail” (a psychological concept mentioned among others in Wikipedia) by subconsciously preferring jerks. That way one tries to avoid remorse after the inevitable breakup by simple justification “It was never supposed to succeed in the first place”, denying that both parties are responsible for making the relationship work. ” Exclamations that “all men are jerks” follow after several repeats of the same scenario.

    It could also explain why some girls who see themselves as unattractive don’t even try to change that. Later some of them purposely gain weight to prove to themselves that they don’t care if they remain ignored. Bashing males as shallow is optional.

  94. Frustrated Nice Guy says:

    I haven’t read all the comments (as they are too long), but I have something to add to the conversation. I don’t know if something like what I’m about to share has been posted, but I am pretty confident that I have the answer as to why women prefer jerks. I’ll cut and paste part of an article I found helpful below:

    “Our biology has been created over hundreds of thousands of years, but our environment has been created very rapidly. Due to the rapid changes in environment our biological evolution could not keep up with it and this leaves us with the way we are today, which is thousands of years in evolution behind our environment.

    This means that many of the behaviours and biological influences are designed for a much older environment than we currently live in. For example, food was a rare and valuable resource thousands of years ago, so we’d store as much as we could whenever we could. This is the cause of obesity in our modern environment. This influence would have been greatly important thousands of years ago, but today it’s not needed because food is plentiful.

    The same can be said for how we date and maintain relationships. Every wondered why men cheat so often? It’s because our brain is lagging behind the environment where we believe spreading our seed and having as many children as possible is the best chances of gene survival. How about why women prefer ‘bad guys’? Again, it’s because the female brain is way behind and still believes bearing children of such a man reaps the best rewards because 12,000 years ago, the ‘bad guys’ would be the chiefs and leaders of tribes I.e. the ones who had most access to shelter, food and water.”

    There’s nothing else I think I need to add to that. I think that should settle the debate. The more I learn about why women prefer bad guys, the less bitter and jaded I am toward them. Instead, I grow more frustrated at the human condition. I’m a 38 yo guy and don’t have children. The logical part of me thinks that maybe it’s the best and most compassionate thing to my unborn children to not bring them into such a bizarro world. Whereas, my selfishness and my hardwiring subconsciously push me to procreate.

    As for the debate over whether a nice guy (like me) should turn jerk, my personal answer is no. At least that’s what I’ve decided for myself. Like an earlier poster said, I don’t want a woman to like me for my fake facade. I want a woman who accepts the REAL me…the “whimpy” nice guy me. This attitude didn’t just happen overnight. For YEARS I wished I could be the a**hole women flocked to, but as I’ve gotten older and wiser, and have more of a desire to settle down, the more I’ve learned that in order to have a happy and successful long-term relationship I have to be myself and my mate would choose me for ME.

    With all that said, if I reach 50 or 55 and am still single w/no children, and having children becomes more and more unlikely…laissez les bonnes temps roulet!!! (Let the good times roll!!!) I’ll become the biggest, baddest a**hole out there and will live it up with nothing but meaningless flings and an endless string of women, baby!!!

    It’s all about utilitarianism.

  95. Frustrated Nice Guy says:

    Oops, I meant pragmatism, not utilitarianism.

  96. Tommo says:

    Why do women say that there are no good guys out there when there obviously are, but women just don’t want them? They want the jerks. I’m no expert but that just seems a little strange to me.
    I’m a nice guy who has no luck at all with women, which is fine I suppose. I mean some men are popular with women, some aren’t. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, right? The thing that annoys me is women saying that there are no good guys (I take GREAT offence to that), but when a good guy presents himself she would rather dismiss him and date an a**hole! Then she has the nerve to say that there are no good guys! As I have seen by reading some of these posts, many men are becoming jerks on purpose because they are sick of being alone.
    Do you think that I should become a jerk? I’m around the 30 age and things aren’t getting any better. And I hate the idea of having to wait for a girl to weed out all the jerks before she finally gets to me when I’m in my 40s and she’s been through most of the bad boy population in my city. Not a very appealing concept.

  97. J says:

    Gee, what would the world be like if boys and girls waited until they were young men and young women, and prepared to support themselves and a home, looked for and met someone compatible with whom there was also some romantic love and physical chemistry, got to know them during a period of dating and engagement, and then married, and then started their sexual relationship, and it was a major force which held them together as one?

  98. J says:

    I was a senior, and I asked out the cute, smart brunette junior in physics class, but she wouldn’t date me because I was not the same Christian faith as hers, she said. She did not have one date in all of high school. She went out with someone a few years later and got pregnant, on the first time, and became a single mom.

    I asked out another cute brunette junior, also intelligent. Took her took a school party. The very next day she was chasing a bad boy around school, a low intelligence type who can never behave. I did not ask her out again or seek her, if that’s who she really wanted. Found out later she had a bit of a reputation.

    Next was a brunette freshman, so cute! Danced with her at a school party. I treasured her. Didn’t ask her out because she was not old enough to date yet, but sought her at school. She was interested in me, and it looked like love. Her sister, my age, said I had her flying higher than a kite. But shortly after, she sent her best friend to tell me she did not like me. Did not even want to spend any time with me at school. She got screwed in the backseat of a car by some guy who didn’t really like her, the next year. Then at age 18, lived with a guy 6 years older than her, for a couple years. Last I heard, she was alone.

    In January, I decided to call up a blonde who I had terrible crushes on as a sophomore and junior. She always rejected me. This time her voice indicated she gave me a hint of consideration; maybe it was the fact I did not care one way or the other what she said, but no date anyway, and a good thing. It was not long after this I found out she’d been in a sexual relationship with her older boyfriend, for a long time. He dumped her for a girl a year younger, whom he married.

    Another brunette beauty, I took out on Valentines Day. We went over to her family’s house afterward, and I helped her wash dishes and met her parents and brothers and sister. I was planning to ask her out again, until a few days later seeing her fraternizing with a bad boy. I was not good enough for her, or perhaps, too good for her?

    Took another brunette to the Prom. We liked each other. But she too, played around with another’s interest, another who plucked her bra strap loose through her blouse. I should have waylaid him, but the fact she didn’t seem bothered told me enough. (I ended up getting a scholarship I wouldn’t have later, if I had waylaid him. ) By this time I’d had enough rejection. Yes, I was thin-skinned, but it hurt too much. I quit caring for her.

    In college there was a girl in geology lab class who liked me. This girl was cute. She was also hot, literally. I remember one time her chest generated a wave of heat as I walked up to her, which I felt about two and a half feet out. I’d have asked her out, but there was a little hint of immorality in her, and I did not trust myself with her; I might get burned up in the heat. I would have got burned up in the heat, too much temptation to handle.

    The same year there was also a girl in English class, whom I sat by. She was so beautiful, her body so feminine and delicate, her hair (brunette if you didn’t guess) so nice. I could hardly keep from noticing the curve of her thighs, or her perfume. I imagine I was getting a good dose of pheromones as close as we sat. But with her, it was the same as the girl in geology lab, there were indications in what she said and how she dressed that said she’d been around the block already.

    As a junior, I loved a brunette who I sat by in an agriculture class. Also was in about 5 other sections of classes with her. We got to know each other a fair amount from chatting before classes and had lunch together one day, and talked. Adored her. Not long after, I brought her some flowers, to give her after our last class of the day. She was acting funny, we were walking the direction we usually did after class. It was her boyfriend. He was waiting to pick her up in her little truck she worked so hard as a waitress to keep up the payments on, as well as school tuition. I found out they were practically living together. This was the last girl I remember having feelings of romantic love for. I have not felt such feelings for anyone since.

    The next brunette, was a downhome farm raised girl. I was a senior, her a freshman. She had seen me where I worked in town before. I had seen her picture on the bottom of bird cages for weeks the summer previous; she had been the salutatorian of her school nearby, my dad’s bundles of papers for his canary raising operation all had her pictures in them. I once saw her a few years before, too, in the store I worked. Was almost stunned by her beauty, but she looked like she must be 14.

    Took her out to a Christmas Party. Had another date with her after that. Then surprised her on Valentines Day with flowers, candy, and a poem. Just to be told “I don’t have the same feelings for you as you do for me.” Her and her friend’s dorm room was decorated with posters of men. Had another few dates with her in the next year. On the last one, it became fairly clear when the subject came up, that this girl was also one who did, and didn’t really want to have any interest in me. Had very high hopes for a love with her.

    This was the story of my dating years in high school and college.

    I know I wasn’t that bad looking, because less than a year after graduation, I had a very shapely beautiful blonde, married woman, corner me at work and try to ‘jump my bones’.

    I have never fully figured out what happened in high school and college.

  99. Roger says:

    Guys!! I had similar bad experiences with girls. If you are nice and available you are screwed. Dont give a sh§§ that has to be the attitude. Don’t get hurt easily have relationships with all that women around you. Have fun and throw them off and move on. It is better that getting dumped though!! Have an attitude that all people give attention to you. You might succeed

    Cheers Mate,

  100. Anonymous says:

    I am going through a experience. It’s just its the girl who I had my eye on for a while. To me she was the most beautiful girl ! She seemed to show the same interest back to me. It got to the point to where she was telling me she wants to be with me, if i the type of guy to get married, etc.

    She says she has health issues due to fainting, eating disorders, and now the possibility of cancer. She says now she just wants to be friends and you know how that really feels when they say that. Sometimes I feel like maybe I messed up somewhere by sending her lots of emails and just trying to be too caring.

    I’m really taking things hard right now like maybe I did something on my end for her to change things but I don’t feel like I should think of it as a loss for me because she isn’t gonna accept me for who I really am if that’s the case.

    We all have interesting personalities as we are different people. It feels like I am just a victim of my own actions and I never intended on things changing. Maybe I didn’t do anything for her to change things to just friends and it’s just her health. Maybe she had strong feelings for me but she has too much to deal with and it became too stressful on her… I just keep thinking about this and she is hardly available to talk to.

    She just wants to be friends now. I just was trying to expand the relationship to get to a certain point where we both can really open up to each other. She says I didn’t do anything to set her off to why she decided to change things to just friends.

  101. Carol says:

    Unfortunately, I am a nice girl, and am sick of the nice guys acting like jerks. Can anyone suggest how to get the nice guy, who is acting like a jerk to act nice? See, I found a nice guy, and he even offered to help me study, but after a while he would only be there physically (in other words he would start drawing doodles and pictures and only help when I asked for help). It is so confusing.

  102. Frustrated Nice Guy says:


    As a nice guy, I only see two possibilities: 1.) you’re screwed because he is so bitter toward women that he is done being a nice guy and has truly turned into a jerk, or 2.) you can call him on his shit, tell him you do not respond to his untoward behavior and demand to be treated better. Most undercover nice guys will say okay and be themselves for a trial run to see how you respond. If you respond well, then problem solved. If he shapes up and you STILL blow him off (like we’re accustomed to, and expect), then you will just strengthen his bitterness and negative feelings toward women.

  103. blah says:

    i would question the true “niceness” of any guy who is so obsessed with getting laid. Truly nice guys don’t just think of women as sex objects and they surely wouldn’t act like a douchebag to get in a girl’s pants. Thats what a closet jerk would do.

  104. Tommo says:

    Actually I’m not talking about getting laid, I’m talking about a long term relationship. But if women aren’t attracted to me because I actually respect them more than some a**hole does, then no relationship is going to form, is it? You can’t make a relationship out of nothing.

  105. Ashki says:

    Gentlemen, you dont have to be a jerk all the time. The secret to women is simple yet confusing.

    1) a woman should never be your primary focus when approaching a woman. She should always be second priority. The first is having fun.

    2) You should never make getting a woman your primary focus in life period. Its just something you do when you get bored.

    3) You have many other things to do first, making money.. getting outdoors, getting fighting fit, having fun. Man stuff.

    4) Feminism is overrated, and has ushered in a generation of weak willed overly emotional men. These poor guys are too focused on women, be it getting women, understanding women, respecting women. The problem is that those guys overdo it. Those that don’t get too aggressive .
    Do not be those guys, do not be too much of an ape either.

    5) Women want leaders. Someone who takes charge.. makes decisions and backs up his woman. Being a jerk is not being a leader.

    Gentlemen, you need to man up first. forget pua, forget relationship advice online, forget the stupidity of our media.

    We as men must learn to be men again, your grandpa did not need gimmicks like pua. He did not seek advice from anyone but his own father. He did not focus on women all the time. He worked hard, played hard, fought hard and focused on success. the woman came naturally. They call his generation the greatest generation for a reason. .. they got things done.

  106. Frustrated Nice Guy says:

    Great post, Ashki. I do want to point out that one of the main reasons many of us “nice guys” are wimpy is because many of us didn’t grow up with a male role model. Now that women are independent and no longer need men to provide for them, they are trigger-happy to destroy a family (and their children’s lives) in the name of being the “modern day independent woman”. Yay! Thanks f*cking feminazis!!! Way to f*ck up the world!!!

  107. Peejay says:

    Well reading all this has totally broken my balls.
    Not that it isn’t known that Girl’s like Bad Boys but clarifying why.
    As many on here, lacking a male role model and being raised in an anti-male environment has left us fighting with our hands tied behind our backs.
    Never really been able to pull off the Arsehole type, just so over this shit.

  108. Carol says:

    I know this is geared towards women, but to all the guys out there that want to give up, don’t, because theres always someone out there for all of us.

  109. Frustrated Nice Guy says:


    Turn off the Hollywood Rom-Com, and close that Harlequin romance novel. All that drivel is fiction…doesn’t exist.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  110. Carol says:

    What I stated earlier is not from Hollywood but God, and to all the people who think that finding someone special won’t happen, and is crap, I feel sorry for you.

  111. Frustrated Nice Guy says:


    To all the people who think that “God” exists, and isn’t crap, I feel sorry for YOU.

  112. Mike says:

    Great comments everyone, this has really been educational for me. I’m a nice guy with horrible luck with women. I was taught to treat them nice, with respect and to always be a gentleman but that has only landed me in the FriendZone more times than I can count.

    The last girl I dated said that there is nothing “wrong” with me, but something was missing. My guess is that it was the sexual and romantic desire… basically, I didn’t have an edge to me. My question is, how do I develop this if I’ve never had it before (yeah, I’ve never had a gf ever)? How do I “challenge” a girl on a date? It seems that I’m clueless as to how to actually attract a woman.

  113. Frustrated Nice Guy says:


    Some…okay, A LOT of people will laugh and scoff (especially women), but the seduction (aka pick-up artist) community will teach you the important fundamentals of social dynamics (dealing with women in a social setting). A couple of good books are “The game” by Neil Strauss, and “The Mystery Method” by Mystery; also, check out David DeAngelo’s “Cocky and funny” program.

    I didn’t have a whole lot of success and/or experience growing up with women, so I kinda started late. I struggled mightily with women, until I started learning social dynamics from the resources mentioned above (and elsewhere). The main gist of social dynamics is learning how to convey to women that you are a prize and that you don’t need them. Humans naturally want what they can’t have. It’s all about supply and demand – if you are in great supply, your demand will be low; whereas if you are scarce, your demand will be exponentially higher.

    Let me stress that I’m not a pick-up artist, nor have any desire to be one. I just used their techniques to learn some valuable lessons that I have put to use with women. My success (and subsequently, the notches on my bedpost) have increased substantially.

    By the by, ignore all the ranting and raving by women about pick-up artist techniques. The very existence of this article, and lengthy dialogue via the comments section proves that what women SAY they want, and what women actually respond to are diametrically opposed. THIS is the basis of social dynamics – tapping into women’s hardwiring. That’s why we have a culture full of whimpy men (myself included) – because women have been saying for eons that they want a nice, sweet guy, but they still flock to the a**holes in droves!

    Happy hunting! 😉

  114. Mike says:

    Frustrated Nice Guy,

    Thanks a lot for the advice, I’m going to my local bookstore tomorrow to pick up those books your mentioned.

    One question though: you said that humans naturally want what they can’t have and I completely agree with that. Thing is, how do you get a woman to want you in the first place? Some people say that guys should be confident and be a challenge, but what exactly does that mean? The last girl I dated dumped me to be with a guy who treated her very badly, resulting in a messy breakup. She’s single again now, and we’re friendly, but I want another shot with her. One thing she did say about him was that he “challenged” her… what does that mean?

  115. Will says:

    It means that she’s a bitch.

  116. Frustrated Nice Guy says:


    Thanks for thanking me! 😉 By being a “challenge”, women are saying they don’t want a lap dog. They want a man who stands on his own two feet. A man who doesn’t need a woman, rather, wants a woman just for the fun of it. They want to feel like they have to earn you…to earn your attention. That’s why nice guys (like us) don’t come across as “challenging”. Because we lay down for them, and are all over them, and that reeks of desperation and low status. Hence, my supply and demand comments.

    A man who is ever present, always calling, always running to her side when she calls you, is in “high supply”; thus, diminishing her demand of him, and finally, diminishing his value. A man who is not always calling her, occasionally doesn’t return phone calls or texts, and isn’t at her beck and call appears to be aloof and not desperate. Hence, my “scarce” comment. His scarcity drives up her demand, thus driving up his value.

    The whole premise of social dynamics as it pertains to dating is showing to women that you are of high value, thus driving up your value to her, making her feel the need to win you…thus, making you a “challenge”. Put another way, fishing is no fun if you catch a fish every time you throw your hook into the water. If you spend 5 hours fishing and catch one fish, you cherish that fish because of all the hard work you put in trying to catch it. THAT is what she means by a man being a “challenge”.

    That’s why women flock to a**holes, because said a**holes come across as aloof, don’t need the women, and appear “challenging”. Thus, driving up their value, and making the women eager to “catch the prized fish”. It’s not smart. It’s pretty stupid, but that’s human behavior. Natural selection doesn’t reward the good. Natural selection rewards the bold.

    As far as creating attraction and interest on a date, again, it’s all about elevating your value, and diminishing hers. How do you do that? Tease her, make fun of her. Nicely and tactfully, of course. There IS a line! You want to learn how to delicately dance on that line. It’ll take some practice, but you’ll learn it eventually. Just remember: you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Meaning: you will screw up while you’re learning, and even scare off a few women, but relax, remember what they say about women being like buses. When you internalize this, you will care less, and THAT in and of itself will drive up your value and make you challenging, because you genuinely don’t give a f*ck!

    Some subtle ways to tease a girl are to call her a dork or dweeb when you two are joking around, refer to her as a friend, when she says something dumb say “that’s strike one”, the next time say “that’s strike two”. If you’re eating with her, tell her she has something (food) smudged on her lip (it embarrasses them). Put a piece of gum in your mouth and hand her a piece too. If she says no thanks, say “seriously, take it.” That’ll worry her about her breath. What you’re doing is lowering, and increasing your own. My all time favorite tease: “I could never date you!” Joking, of course! You’re disqualifying yourself from her, and it makes her want to qualify for YOU! Another good one is “they can dress you up, but they can’t take you out!” It’s subtle, but works. I give girls stupid nicknames, like “troublemaker”, or “Beavis”, or “dork”. I once nicknamed a girl “frigid bitch”, because she called herself that first. Every time I called her “frigid bitch” she died laughing. She ate it up! This is all done jokingly, of course. Like I said, there IS a line, and you have to learn how to dance that invisible fine line.

    I’m sure some or many women will take umbrage to the advice in this post, but f*ck ’em, they don’t pick up women…well, most haven’t anyway! And most importantly, like I said in an earlier post, women really don’t know what they want. They THINK they do, but they really don’t. Another poster made a great point that our forefathers didn’t need pick-up artist lines to pick women up, and he’s right. A man needs to be a man. Sadly, in our emasculated culture, we need things like PUA (pick-up artist) techniques to emulate what our forefathers were taught by their fathers…before women started working, no longer needed ’em and kicked the men out of the house; spawning generations of gutless men who don’t know how to attract and pick up women. Thanks, “ladies”!

    Best of luck! 😀

  117. Frustrated Nice Guy says:

    By the by, I second Will’s comment! 😀

  118. Frustrated Nice Guy says:

    Mike, and all other recovering nice guys:

    There is another very valuable book to read to aid in your recovery from whimpiness, it’s called “No more Mr. Nice Guy” by Dr. Robert A. Glover. It talks about the importance of meeting your own needs, and other guy advice. Not a pick-up book, but a great resource to help mentorless men reclaim their manhood in all areas of their lives. Improving with women is a side benefit of the book.

    Great book! I highly recommend it.

    Hope it helps.

  119. Mike says:

    Frustrated Nice Guy,

    Thanks again for all the advice, it’s really great to have a forum where this can be discussed.

    The girl I mentioned invited me to a theater show a few weeks away as a friend and I accepted (before I found this article). The tickets are already paid for so I can’t get out of it, but I’m feeling much more confident about this meeting now and I have these resources in hand. Time to stop being a “nice guy”!

  120. raj says:

    i had a problem of selfish girls in ma life i had broken relationship with 2 girls and now i think girls are only selfish and a big wastage of time…..

  121. Mike says:

    One other thing, I’ve read through some of the material and it’s been a real eye-opener for me. I still have more to learn and practice, but I’d like an honest opinion: I want to be successful with women in general but there is one girl in particular I want.

    We dated for a while but she didn’t feel any spark for me so she broke it off and we’re now friends. We went on a short trip together a few weeks ago and I totally screwed it up (nice guy all the way) because she turned me down for a date shortly afterwards. I realize now that that was my chance to attract her but I was clueless.

    Honestly, I want another shot at her. Can I possibly attract a friend, especially one that dated and rejected me in the past? I need a plan of action here, what are your suggestions?

    • @Mike

      The short answer is to pull way back. Do not let her use you for emotional support or to act like her gay BFF! You need to separate and become independent – in other words, detach from the outcome. She will never want you if you seem desperate for her.

      That’s just my .02, but I encourage you to post this question in the forum (find it on the menu bar). You’ll get a bunch of responses there, which should prove helpful. Good luck to you.

  122. Mike says:

    Thanks Susan, I started a thread “Turning a friend into a girlfriend”.

  123. Lezlie Filmore says:

    good blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info offered. I will stay tuned.

  124. Cooper says:

    That was quite the read.

    I sympathize with AFC, as well FNG. And Ashki had a great post. (and haven’t complete read Mikes’ forum thread)

    A lot of the comments were recent, and others date back to 2009; this awakens me to realize my views on being LJBFed, and finishing last, abiet ‘nice’, are issues that have been around for some time.

    I hate reading guys’ stories that sounds all too familar. Especially the lines they’ve been told as to ‘why.’

    Knowing guys 10+years older than me are still experiencing this stuff and having troubles learning that they must change their behavoir, well, it makes me want to completely embrace every PUA tactic that exists (dark, and all) and deploy them to their fullest potential. (which goes against my moral fiber, but moral-fibre isn’t accounting for anything right now)

    It seems the only option is to adopt the most sinister view of todays’ SMP.
    And I don’t think frequenting HUS with help in force feeding myself this ill-mentality.

    See ya.

  125. Barb J says:

    Hi, I found this on stumpleupon. I’m just a little curious on why men ignore women.

    I am a nice girl.

    This blog definitely answers the question to why a nice guy have been ignoring me, but I could never be sure if he really does have feelings for me. So, let me tell you my story. So, there’s this really nice guy. He fell in love with my best friend. Long story,short…they broke up. Now, as a women, I love this nice guy. I just never made a move, well I did but I figured out he loved my best friend more, so I let him go. And my best friend was always prettier, made me jealous, so I let her have him. I always had problems with how I look. I have no confidence in beauty what-so-ever. But after his breakup, etc. I developed a good friendship with him.

    This nice guy always made me laugh. He would make hilarious impersonations of goofy stuff. He would draw me pictures. He would tell me stories on how bad of luck he had with girls. I would just play along and said, OH NO SHE DIDN’T. (But deep inside, he was cutting my heart a little bit.) He’s amazing, and still is.

    I am in love this nice guy. Although, he’s shy, artistic, super smart, a little weird, and funny; those are the qualities that I fell for. But I know him, I know that if he found out that a nice girl like me fell in love with him, he probably would not know what to do. He’s coy. He’s very handsome, I love his smile. I haven’t seen him since June of last year. I miss him dearly. Now, I do not want to be a creeper, so we don’t communicate as much. But when we do, he would sometimes ignore my messages. But, I’m always the nice girl and I am unsure of why he ignore my messages. Honestly, I always feel bad for starting a message to him with: “Hey my friend!” or “Oh, my buddy!” I guess, I’m scared that our friendship will be torn apart one day, so I just address it that way. I don’t want him out of my life, but I am starting to think that his ignorance is breaking us apart. All in all, I don’t want to fall in love with a jerk, but a nice guy.

    If it was that day in June again, I probably would have kissed his cheek and kept him wondering, but too bad I only hugged him.

    It’s April, and I have learned that maybe it is time! I have lost a lot of weight, gone more feminine, and been hit on by a lot of guys, but those guys are in the friend zone to me. And this nice guy friend of mine still keeps me waiting. Yeah, sort of confusing.

    So, nice guys…there are nice girls out there for you. NO MORE EXCUSES. It really depends on your fate. Don’t ignore her a lot, you’ll hurt her feelings. You can semi-ignore, but not a lot. 🙂

  126. Just1X says:

    bit late to this party, but

    ”Be mean, keep ‘em keen.”


    “treat her mean and keep her keen”

    And this is such a widespread meme. I heard this way before college and thought it was terrible, shame that there’s a lot of truth in it (backed up by tons of PUA / game researchers).

  127. Byron says:


    I don’t think your nice guy is playing you, I think he likes you as a friend. His not returning messages sometimes is more likely his not wanting to lead you on.

    I may be wrong, but if it’s eating you up so much to know, just ask him. Just say ‘you know, I think I have feelings for you – is that just me or do you like me that way too?’ You could even do it by text, if you’re scared of the face to face. He won’t be offended by you doing this, & if he’s not interested it will be a chance for him to clear the air & say where he’s at. The only thing is that after that, if his answer is no, you need to be able to accept it, definitively snap back to friendship mode & not constantly make wistful eyes at him, otherwise you will end up making him uncomfortable being around you & might end up losing the friendship. Still, better than just hanging on the telephone.

  128. Barb J says:


    Thank you. That’s nice.
    But I think I already know the answer, now that I just thought clearly.
    He probably doesn’t want to lead me on.
    That’s probably why he ignores me.
    (It makes me cry) Here’s the thing, if I confront him, and he doesn’t say a word. I won’t want to be friends anymore. I just don’t. Ever.

    Thank you for sharing Feminists Killed Kurt Cobain. 🙂

  129. Just1X says:


    yep, LJBF can hurt if you’re over invested. a painful lesson to learn. been there, seen it, done it and had to ‘man up’. wasn’t happy about it at the time.

    “I have lost a lot of weight, gone more feminine”, sounds good for you in general if you’re looking for a relationship. us menz are quite visual beings and we do like feminity (which doesn’t mean weak necessarily). whatever happens, doing this is probably a positive thing.

    “been hit on by a lot of guys, but those guys are in the friend zone to me”, so you’re doing the same to them as you think he’s doing to you…I’m not trying to make any big point here, just pointing out that it cuts both ways.

    I wish the world was a kinder place for everybody, but reality has rough edges in my experience.

    Good luck with how things work out.

  130. Just1X says:

    bah! ‘femininity’ even, my spelling is taking the long weekend off.

  131. Barb J says:

    Lol. Yeah, it’s hard being a woman. But I’m still young.
    My nice guy friend has a a lot of potential. I’m just confused on why he could be so ignorant. Distance is pulling us apart, now that we’re in college. If he keeps being stubborn, I can really assume to think he’s gay, because he hasn’t had a real relationship. I’ve seen him get dissed by so many girls, because they didn’t like his qualities. Maybe in the long run, we’ll run into each other again. Or maybe not.

    So, yeah, maybe we are cutting each other in general terms. I’m just going to give his heart a break.

  132. Just1X says:

    “I’m just confused on why he could be so ignorant”, not everybody detects subtle. He could be being polite because he’s not interested, or those huge clues that you think you’re giving? maybe to him they’re not noticeable.

    “If he keeps being stubborn, I can really assume to think he’s gay”, or you could just ask…you could, just try “screw your courage to a sticking-place”* and ask

    or, try googling “IOIs women” Indicators Of Interest. How women show a man that they’re interested. There are snippets on this site, but actual posts? before my time, I think. Somebody here might give you a pointer.
    N.B. I suggest that you DON’T start with google results which include pua, pickup, seduction and the like in the title. You’re on the borders of PUA *oh gasp*, so watch where you go and make your own judgement on what you find.

    *no, not rude, it’s Shakepeare (no, no charge)

  133. Barb J says:

    Oh my goodness, you’re hilarious! Btw, thanks.