Studies Reveal Players Like Their Women Dumb, Drunk and Easy

May 24, 2012

She's Everything a Player Could Want

Two new studies reveal fascinating evidence that manwhores are much more attracted to promiscuous women than to less sexually available women. They don’t settle for them, they strongly prefer them. Essentially, men who are oriented toward casual sex deploy “adaptive, exploitative measures against women they perceive as vulnerable.”

Study 1:  Sexual exploitability: observable cues and their link to sexual attraction

Recently published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, the research was conducted by proteges of David Buss at the University of Texas – Austin, the most prestigious department of evolutionary studies in the U.S. 

The authors begin by highlighting the natural conflict between male and female mating strategies, and posit that exploitation is an evolutionary adaptation that functions to motivate the pursuit of sexually accessible women. 

What is an exploitative mating strategy?

An exploitative mating strategy is defined as an adaptive strategy to get sex when a cooperative strategy is deemed unreliable. Cooperative mating strategies are exemplified by mutual interest and consent. There are two primary reasons why males might employ exploitation tactics:

  1. The female does not want to have sex, while the man does.
  2. The female wants a relationship, while the man wants casual sex. 

Exploitative strategies include four different tactics:

I. Sexual seduction

Sexual seduction is the act of charming or convincing someone into having sex. Seduction differs from courtship, which may include long-term commitment and investment as goals.

II. Verbal or nonverbal pressure

Pressure involves relentless persistence, threats, or coercion to induce an individual into having sex.

III. Deception

Deception is dishonesty about intentions, likelihood of further commitment, or personal characteristics such as those sought by members of the opposite sex—a phenomenon well documented in human mating (Haselton, Buss, Oubaid, & Angleitner, 2005).

IV. Sexual assault

Sexual assault involves using physical force, or the threat of physical force, to force sexual intercourse.

Key Implication #1: Men who rely on exploitative mating strategies are either unwilling or unable to secure cooperative mating arrangements.


What are the hypotheses re exploitative mating?

The authors developed two hypotheses:

  1. It is possible to identify observable cues that signal which women are exploitable.
  2. Men will find those cues sexually attractive.

194 college students looked at a wide range of pictures of females conveying specific messages or impressions, and males rated their sexual (short-term) attractiveness.

14 cues were significantly positively correlated with exploitability (in order of significance):

  • “Easy”
  • Immature
  • Intoxicated
  • Reckless 
  • Promiscuous 
  • Partying
  • Flirty 
  • Promiscuous friends
  • Attention seeking 
  • Young
  • Sleepy
  • Come hither look
  • Revealing clothing
  • Touching breast 

All 14 of these cues conformed to the pattern of being positively correlated with short-term mate attractiveness while being either negatively or not significantly correlated with long-term mate attractiveness.

The following 7 cues were significantly negatively correlated with exploitability:

  • Intelligent
  • Shy 
  • Age
  • Old 
  • Passed out
  • Flushed face 
  • Anxious

Key Implication #2: Men most likely to pursue short-term or exploitative mating strategies are most attracted to women of low intelligence. Men who avoid smart women are likely relationship avoidant as well.


The second important finding of the study was evidence that “the correlations with short-term mate attractiveness were not driven by men simply relaxing their preferences when evaluating women as short-term mates.”

Key Implication #3: Men don’t settle for less when looking for casual sex. Men who prefer casual sex are actually most attracted to women who also prefer casual sex. Sluts find fellow sluts most sexually attractive.


Study 2: Exploitative male mating strategies: Personality, mating orientation, and relationship status

Building on the findings in the previous study, the researchers sought to determine whether there are differences among males regarding perceptions of sexual attractiveness as they specifically relate to short-term vs. long-term mating. 

The researchers noted that the men who would have benefited most from a non-cooperative mating strategy are:

  • men low in agreeableness (deficient in personal empathy and warmth)
  • men with an unrestricted sociosexual orientation
  • men not involved in an exclusive relationship

However, they found that the sociosexual orientation piece revealed an important finding.

When a man does not have a committed relationship that could be jeopardized by exploitative short-term mating, possesses low levels of agreeableness, and has a greater orientation toward uncommitted sex, the synergy of these individual differences may activate an exploitative short-term mating strategy.

However, when exploitative short-term mating does not align with a man’s sociosexual orientation, as with men with a more restricted sociosexuality, low levels of agreeableness may be insufficient to activate exploitative short-term mating mechanisms, even among unmated men.

Key Implication #4: Men are hard-wired to prefer short- or long-term mating. Men who are less likely to desire casual sex do not find promiscuity cues sexually attractive, even if they are not getting any.


Personality traits are the strongest predictors of willingness to implement exploitative strategies.

The finding that men’s agreeableness, sociosexual orientation, and relationship status interacted to predict perceptions of the sexual exploitability of women who exhibited high levels of cues to exploitability and women who exhibited low levels of these cues suggests that the higher perceptions of women’s exploitability among these men reflect a general tendency to perceive women as sexually exploitable.

…This is consistent with previous findings that men who engage in sexually aggressive behaviors have a personality profile that differs from other men on multiple personality dimensions.

Key Implication #5: Disagreeable players, also known as douchebags, are highly attuned to potential opportunities to seduce, pressure, deceive and/or assault women.

The bad news: If a player, always was a player, always will be a player. 

The good news: He doesn’t want you anyway.