30 Reasons Why They Weren’t Right For You

November 7, 2012


The world is full of people you could be happy with. It only takes one. 

When a relationship ends, it can feel very disappointing and discouraging, especially when you are the dumpee. However, it’s important to recognize that it wasn’t right for you – that’s why it didn’t work. There is someone out there who is right for you. Look back and be honest with yourself – were there times you had a nagging sense that things were not really right? Almost always, the answer is yes. 

Here are thirty reasons he or she may not have been right for you. It only takes one. We live and hopefully we learn.

1. You never felt 100% secure in her affection.

2. He was moody, and you couldn’t always read him well.

3. She didn’t have her act together. You made excuses for her to family and friends.

4. Your gut nagged at you – something was off.

5. You sometimes thought, “If only he ______________, this would be perfect.”

6. She didn’t trust easily; she was prone to jealousy and suspicion.

7. It was all about him. You were playing the role of a character in the movie that is his life.

8. You never could picture her as a mom.

9. He confided in others about the relationship before coming to you.

10. She was vague or secretive.

11. He didn’t like himself. 

12. She was unreliable, often flaking, canceling or not following through. 

13. He wasn’t working hard toward his future; he lacked a sense of purpose. 

14. She didn’t make a real effort to get to know your friends.

15. He wasn’t smart or curious.

16. She lacked self-discipline. She confused wants and needs.

17. He said, “I’m only ___ years old.” (This is a red flag at any age.) 

18. Someone else broke her heart and it’s still on her mind. 

19. He liked taking risks, he was impulsive. 

20. She invited attention from other men.

21. He lied to you. 

22. She had bitchy or slutty friends.

23. He drank too much.

24. She worked too much.

25. You didn’t laugh at the same stuff.

26. He blamed others when things didn’t go well. 

27. She was focused on her next career move and you were not a priority.

28. He embarrassed you in front of other people.

29. The sex wasn’t good for you.

30. They didn’t want you. 

What got me thinking about this was a song by Brad Paisley I’ve always liked. Everything changes. You will be surprised.