Some Elegant Thoughts on Beauty

August 16, 2013

female beauty

Lisa Wade posted this video about the nature of beauty by a self-professed ugly woman at her blog Sociological Images. I find it both heartbreaking and inspiring:

Wade said something that really hit home with me:

Often when I’m asked to do public speaking or appear on video, a part of me silently asks the question, “Am I attractive enough to deserve to do this?”  The question is absurd.  Not because I AM pretty enough, but because the question assumes that, if I weren’t, I would turn down an opportunity on that basis alone.  

Last week I considered not going onto HuffPost Live because I was afraid to reveal my appearance. I don’t consider myself ugly in the way that Kara Kamos feels about herself, but I worry that I’m not pretty enough – to have a blog and to appear on TV to talk about it. And this is coming from someone with very strong self-esteem. (Note: This is not a request for flattery. No need to comment on my appearance.)

This young woman feels ugly just going outside. I commend her for her honesty, her hopefulness and her spirit.