Millennials Are Marrying Their Exes

June 16, 2016

bridal coupleMillennials are increasingly marrying their exes. So says Jenna Birch in a new article at Elle magazine. I contributed to the article, check it out:

Generation Breakup Then Makeup: Millennials Are Marrying Their Exes

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Please head over to Elle to read the article, then let’s discuss! To get the conversation started, here are the questions Jenna asked me:

1. How important is timing in a relationship or feeling “ready”? When a guy meets someone special, who he jives well with and can envision a future, how does he respond? (What about a woman who meets a similar man?)

2. How is emerging adulthood impacting our relationships? Lots of splits happening around the end of college, post-grad, early career…I feel like there’s a “growing up alone” phase that needs to be experienced right before you actually feel like an adult, before these couples can enter into major commitments?

3. When do you know you need to break up with someone, even someone special? Should you ever take a “break” — or is that just a convenient excuse to split up?

4. How do you decide if you should get back together with an ex? Someone special you just can’t seem to let go of, but where timing felt off? 

5. Have you seen real-life examples of this? What have you observed about couples who have had extended courtships or who have endured a substantial breakup before entering into a more serious commitment to each other? 

Congratulations to reader Jenna Birch – she’s written some great articles for top-notch publications recently!