Exciting News at Hooking Up Smart!!!

June 20, 2018

Let’s welcome Jenna Birch!

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since I wrote my last post, Act III. During that time I’ve been busy doing all the things I value most at this point in my life – spending time with my baby grandson, planning my daughter’s wedding and painting watercolors.

But enough about me! Another important thing I’ve been doing is negotiating new ownership for the blog. I’m delighted to announce that Jenna Birch, professional journalist and longtime reader of HUS is now in the driver’s seat!

Jenna started reading Hooking Up Smart as a college student and has often participated in our discussions over the years. After graduation she became a freelance health and lifestyle journalist, writing for many popular magazines and sites. Jenna interviewed and quoted me for many of those articles, and I have always appreciated her kindness in promoting my work.

After Jenna read Act III, she reached out to see whether she might keep HUS alive by providing new, relevant content. It was a perfect solution – Jenna brings youthful energy as well as experience writing about dating and relationships. She’s a dynamo of a woman.

In fact, Jenna’s most recent career success is having published her book The Love Gap: A Radical Plan to Win in Life and Love  (Hachette Book Group, 2018). It’s a fantastically well-written and well-researched book about “the real reason smart women are still single.” I encourage you to pick up a copy and expect Jenna will cover some of the material here.

Some things here will stay the same, like the HUS name. Jenna’s approach to dating and relationships mirrors my own (she learned from the best 😛 ), so regular readers should feel right at home. Other things will change – Jenna has a wide network of followers, and recently began writing for Psychology Today as well. I expect her to drive a lot of traffic here.

Jenna’s invited me to stick around and participate at any time. I thought my days of writing posts are over, but we’ll see. I love the idea of participating in the comment threads of some of her new articles.

Please join me in welcoming Jenna – I know she will do great things here!

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