Mission Statement

Relationships have never been more complicated or elusive than they are today. Hooking Up Smart aims to help people figure out how to navigate the hostile terrain of the contemporary romantic landscape. First and foremost, I support women in their search for meaningful relationships by providing strategic insight, guidance, and perspective as they manage their romantic and sexual interactions. However, men are also welcome to join the conversation—and some content may be aimed toward them, as well.

About Me

I’m a health and lifestyle journalist, writing about dating, relationships, sex, wellness, psychology, culture, beauty and more. My work has been featured online and in print, in publications like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Psychology Today, Man Repeller, SELF, HuffPost, The Washington Post and Health, among others. Although I am curious about everything and write about a lot, helping women build stronger relationships is my biggest passion. I am author of a dating guide for modern women, The Love Gap: A Radical Plan to Win in Life and Love, which was published in 2018 by Grand Central Life & Style.

My approach to dating is simple: Lead with your intuition, but make sure logic supports your decision-making. I gather new research and anecdotal evidence for the purpose of analysis, discussion and lending advice. If you’re looking to navigate this confusing dating pool and find the connection you want, without settling, you’ll have to learn to recognize risks and opportunities that feel worthwhile to you. But I’m here to help.

This blog was founded by Susan Walsh in 2008, but she stepped aside in 2018 to focus on her family (and being a grandmother!).

What is Hooking Up (2.0)?

Hooking Up Smart was originally founded to help navigate the confusion of “hookup culture.” It is confusing. “Hooking up” is a purposely vague term that can mean just about anything from making out to having sex. How do you navigate something so ambiguous?! Susan spent 10 years providing advice for young women and men to build relationships and make real connections in this crazy new world.

When I signed on to blog in 2018, I wanted to tackle similar confusion — but expand the idea outward, into the dating landscape. “Dating” is more ambiguous than ever. Dating apps, longer timelines to commitment, gender dynamics, toxic masculinity, undervalued femininity, “option” fatigue and more have all impacted how relationships form. You may or may not be going out on real “dates” with your prospect, but you’re probably engaging in physical and/or emotional intimacy. But, how do you make the connection last, and continue to grow it? That’s what I’ll answer here.

Important Stats

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